Biggest thing in dating that I've learned so far?

Influencer Curly.Edgy shows off a sleek ponytail and a sultry glance

Aside from the fact that sleek, librarian-chic low pony-puffs bring all the boys to the yard?

There's a fairly wide line between presenting yourself as some hyper-sanitized, stripped down version of yourself and being entirely too open—infodump/TMI style.

Despite that line being more easily navigated than I'd thought it would be when I first jumped into the dating pool, sometimes you still need help! And honestly? It's the same for your curls.

You need something powerful enough to get the job done without being harsh, and natural enough to leave you at your best while still being effective.

NaturallyCurly partnered with beauty brand OG, Palmer's, to bring you a few things to remember before you step out that just happen to line up with the best features of their Coconut Oil Formula suite! I never could resist an extended metaphor.

So, as you're getting primped, groomed, and freshened, keep the following in mind:

Mellow Your Harshness

Not every conversation you have in life has to be fun. Eventually, political or religious or cinematic fandom differences are going to come up. I myself have strong feelings about the live-action 'The Lion King' coming up that not every beau needs to argue with me on... but I'm doing my best to leave them at home.

Scar of Disney
Walt Disney Pictures/The Lion King

As a matter of fact, SWEETHEART, it IS "that deep".

When it's time to go easy on your hair, reach for the sulfate-free Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo. It cleanses gently, and imbues your lovely locks with the moisturization you'd expect of certified organic extra virgin coconut oil, with no dyes, parabens, or phthalates to chemically clobber your curls! Makes it that much easier to go with the flow!

Mix Softness and Strength

I've told y'all before that I'm a marshmallow—fluffy, sweet, and easily melted. But according to a lot of the nerds I tend to hold hands with, I'm more like a bear somehow? Guess I don't know my own strength. But I do know that it's not always easy being vulnerable!

Being so determined to be unbreakable can often lead to a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy: You get hard... but also very brittle. Balancing out protection of one's own interests while not being walked all over is tricky.

Even if I can't get it quite right in my head, I can get it right on my hair in a matter of minutes. With a shower cap and the Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack, you can take thirsty, weakened hair to the next level! Rather than include any weighty mineral oils to stretch your hair by weighing it down, the silk proteins in the pack will keep your hair just as soft as silk itself, while the keratin proteins work to strengthen your strands, resulting in much healthier natural elasticity.

When it's possible to have positive attributes in balance, why compromise?

Polish it up

I'd probably be a lot more "extra" if I didn't like naps so much.

A woman with box braids sleepily reaches towards an alarm that reads 5:30.
This could be me with a 6 o'clock date, not gonna lie. | iStock/AndreyPopov

However, as much as I like taking it easy, I do really hate not looking/feeling/doing my best. If I leave the house with opaque tights when the outfit calls for the semi-sheer ones I didn't leave myself enough time to wash, does it even count as leaving? Sure, most gentlemen I'd step out with wouldn't notice or care, BUT I'm getting ready to boost my inner love-goddess confidence much more than I am to try and suit anyone else's tastes. Why not play that up?

Since nothing gives you a boost like a little extra shine, you can give your curls an instant pop with Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hair Polisher Serum. Forget powering your curls' color down with added dyes, this stuff is going to leave your hair beautifully glossy with the power of totally transparent virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E and marula oil to add actual substance to your scintillation. Inner radiance + outer radiance is a great way to set out.

Hold it together

Influencer curly.edgy smiles brightly

The key to healthy dating is to create the best fictional version of yourself and just be that way until you break up or break down, right? No, of course, that's not right, but it's a hard thing to unlearn!

The important thing to remember (while all my friends have bachelorette parties and baby showers, yes, I'm that friend in the group) is that at the first parts of the dating stage, it's just for fun.

Ironically, knowing that there's no script helps me keep from freaking out. But while there's no actual set structure for life, you can still get your hair set the way you need it to be.

Castor oil and aloe feature in the flake-free Coconut Oil Formula Super Control Gel for Edges to sleek your curls down and freeze out frizz. Just like its other siblings in Coconut Oil Formula line, this gel will hold you down without mineral oil, parabens, or pthalates—proof positive that less can be more.

What more can we give you?

Nothing helps a good date like a little inspo! You've been seeing stylista @curly.edgy showing off some serious sleekness with Palmer's products throughout this article. You can't argue that she doesn't look ready to get wined, get dined, and stop traffic. Take a look at how the Coconut Oil Formula is holding her down!

Très bien.

What's your take, curlfriends? Have you seen aspects of your romantic life reflected in your hair care? Let us know, and don't forget to share your date-night 'dos!

This post is sponsored by Palmer's.