In our latest series, My Middle School Beauty Blunders, NaturallyCurly editors discuss that one awkward phase we sometimes wish could have come with a redo: our pre-teen years. This is what content editor, Alexandra, had to say about that time.

When I entered middle school, I hit puberty and I experienced horrible breakouts that made me feel very insecure.

When I was 13 years-old I begged my mother to let me wear makeup to cover up my blemishes. I would wear foundation, mascara, eyeliner and of course lipgloss! Back then that clear, roll-on, fruity lip gloss was everything!

Looking back I had no clue that my foundation didn't match! Yes, I was that girl with a white face and tan neck.

Haha. I was so insecure that I felt like I had to wear make-up at all times. I even wore it when I worked out and played sports, which was a huge mistake because it made my breaks even worse. Oh the things you know now, that you wish you knew then.

Embrace the changes, challenges and awkward phases -- they will only make you stronger. You are perfectly imperfect and that is what's most beautiful about you. -Alexandra

My go-to hairstyle was a slick ponytail. Also, I would wear braids to channel my inner Alicia Keys.

Middle school was the time where I was trying to find my identity the most. Growing up of mixed heritage, there weren't many people that looked like me who I felt I could relate to. I remember feeling like I didn't fit in with the black or white kids and I was most drawn to the Latino culture. I had mostly Latina friends and felt like they embraced who I was unapologetically.

In middle I remember dealing with the awkward phases of puberty: starting my period, being obsessed with boys and having a hard time finding my identity. Also, growing up in a family of athletes, there was a lot of pressure to be the best at sports, especially being 5'8 at 14 years-old. I definitely remember being uncoordinated and awkward until I got to high school.

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