NaturallyCurly Sr. Copywriter Gerilyn M. Hayes shows her personality through fashion and curly hairstyles in our Outfit of the Day series.

Editor's Note: You hear a lot of "what did you put in your hair?" and "I love your shoes!" around the NaturallyCurly office. Personally, I am always finding inspiration in what my colleagues are wearing to the office and on their Instagrams, so we're starting a new series to share what we're loving with the rest of our community - beyond our hair! #OOTD - Cristina Cleveland

Yes, you can wear booties anytime of the year.| Photo: @cassandrajk

Although it is commonly thought of as the worst color to wear in the summertime, I am drawn to black colored apparel. That's right, friend. Any hour past sundown, you might find me in the sweltering Texas heat, sporting a black tee and skinny jeans. My hashtag and life motto should be #AllBlackEverything. Typically, I prefer jet black to prints unless it is a tee with a favorite band or cat's face printed on it.

In this moment, I chose this stunning angular 2-piece pantsuit because it seemed to be calling my name from the rack. How could I resist its siren song piercing my heart with a thousand shards of dragon glass? Who was I to say no to this outfit? I would be a fool to do so!

So in truth, I didn't choose the outfit; the outfit chose me.

Feed dense coily hair Jamaican black castor oil! Photo: @cassandrajk

Tell us about your hair, what products are in your hair? How did you style it?

You know I will rock my Afro all day, every day. Did you also know that I am legitimately obsessed with Jamaican black castor oil? Applying on the ends of my curls, I use a small amount Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil every other week during the warm/hot seasons when creating my beloved Bantu Knots. This helps me protect my ends from heat damage and breakage.

I have written about Jamaican black castor oil's merits in the past and will continue to do so because it is one of the few oils that I not only want to douse in my hair on a regular basis, it is one that I want to use as a body oil. It took me awhile to get used to the scent of it, but I have learned how to properly blend it with my favorite fragrances without overpowering my senses.

Absolute and complete love for this print! Photo: @cassandrajk

Do you dress for style, or for comfort?

Primarily, I dress for comfort. If it ends up looking like I have some type of "style" it is most likely dumb luck. Believe me; the only true style tip that I have held onto and still apply is "You've got to layer when it's cold. And never leave the house without earrings!" That's wisdom from the Queen herself: My mom :)

A 2-piece pants suit is the perfect summer-to-fall transition piece. | Photo: @cassandrajk

What's your relationship with fashion and style?

It is a love/hate relationship, these days. It is only because I am becoming more frugal in my maturing years, but I am also too lazy to go thrifting. Simply put, I just wear the same clothes over and over again until I can't layer or accessorize anymore. A few friends have offered to help me get out of the thrifting slump, but old habits stick like rubber cement.

Even as a former fashion fanatic and merchandising student, my relationship with clothing has evolved into selecting outfits and pieces strictly on the basis of their construction, not if they fit a trend. That is why I love this pants suit; its lines are clean and the seam work is impeccable. Anything less than that level of quality is not worth the expense... but that's just how I feel about fashion nowadays.

As for style, I like to think that I have my own thing going. Kind of a cavalier, rockin' and'a rollin' with the flow type of energy that wears itself on my physical threads. Or, I could just look like I really, really, really love not dressing up. Either way, my style is mine, and I'm cool with it.

My air guitar is out of this world, fam. | Photo: @cassandrajk

How do you choose what you're going to wear?

It is oftentimes a combination of guesswork and clean laundry: Is this clean? I mean, it is hanging up in my closet so it must be. I should have ironed this, but I am going to layer this blazer on top of it so it will be fine... right?

When dressing for a professional event, I plan out every last detail down to purchasing a brand new toothbrush at least 3 days in advance. I know myself well, meaning that if I do not plan the outfit, I will look like a ragamuffin amongst goddesses.

Rock on, curlies!

This pant suit that makes me look like the rockstar I have always wanted to be is from Melodrama (Houston, TX). Those super sexy boots are from StitchFix. My favorite blue shades and earrings are from my personal collection.

As ever, stay curly!


Hi! I'm Gerilyn, Senior Copywriter for NaturallyCurly. As a proud 4C Coily Girl, I bring you product reviews, editorials, and YouTube videos for all things tightly wound ;) When offline, I sing lead for @SugarPillATX, volunteer for Meals On Wheels, and obsess over black cats and multi-colored box braids.

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