Ready for some freebies? Stock up your winter wardrobe with $50 from LOVE brand fashions

Grey Cape


Fend off the winter weather with this fabulous gray cape!

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LOVEEEE the black magic dress!
I saw so many items that would fit into my wardrobe.
I went to topshop one time when I visited the UK awhile ago. I got one pair of glasses and now I hope this 50$ will give me a chance to redeem my shopping FAIL!
Love their fashion and their prices are awesome!
Sweet clothes!
I love LOVE!
I love shopping! And shopping with someone else's money (by winning a gift card) is even better.
I love the LOVE brand! This is exciting!
I'm so glad you're all as obsessed with fashion as I am! Keep the comments coming!! -Curly Fashionista
OMG!! Those outfits are so cute. I can picture them all on me :-) I have never heard of them before but think I found a new line!
I LOVE to shop! This would be an amazing prize to win!
i love fashion & i never been to this online shop, the clothes, especially the dresses are too cute! i'd love to wear one with my long curls :)
I've heard AMAZING things about TopShop and LOVE, but haven't shopped there! Would loooooove the opportunity! <3 Spending my hard earned $ on something other than my hair would be nice once in a while!
Yes Yes Yes! Would totally Love this opportunity! :)
Now that my hair is at its best, my money can finally go to a new wardrobe for college!
I spend all of my money on my curls. I could use a Gift Card towards something other than hair gel and styling creme.
Never heard of TopShop before, but they have some nice clothing. Found a really cute jacket that I like! :)
I love this!
Yes!! I'm in LOVE with TopShop! The style will look beautiful with my curly knky hair! :)
The Superwoman gray cape looks both attractive and warm for winter weather. I can easily see it as something I would purchase.
I can answer YES! I am so in love with there style-Topshop is now my favorite clothing site.
I love their clothes! ^_^
Their clothes looks really nice!
ive never heard of this brand before...their clothes look nice too.
That gray cape looks so comfortable. I'm glad to have found this line!
I LOVE TopShop!!! :D
Whenever i buy something thats expensive i just convert the price to £££...smaller numbrs keep me happy :P
Wow they have some really cute and chic clothes. I pray I win!!
Not only do I love fashion, but fashion loves ME!! I have my own fashion statement, and it says so much about me with me even talking. I want to WIN!!
Can't wait to do some shopping!
What's not to LOVE, European fashion, reasonable prices, super cute cape ;o) I LOVE this site & giveaway ;o)
I'm going to the UK this December so hopefully I'll get to visit a TopShop while I'm there :)