Badgley Mischka

The models at the Badgley Mischka 2011 Spring Fashion Week show wore gorgeous curls. Hair by Peter Gray for Morrocconoil.

Badgley Mischka

The Collections:

“For spring 2011, we were inspired by the stylish film, ‘White Mischief’. We were fascinated by the idea of a woman with a very languid, proper veneer with a smoldering sensuality just beneath the surface.”

— Mark Badgley and James Mischka

The Hair Look:

Peter Gray created beautiful, intricate cascades of curls, with a playful touch of decadent 70’s frizz, as a perfect counterpoint to the slim, narrow silhouettes and the smooth, diaphanous fabrics of the clothes.

“The curls are tight and combed through into a wave at the front, looser at the crown, with progressively smaller curls as they reach the back of the head,” said Gray. “They’re designed to tease the eye and keep it moving, almost in the same way as when the fabrics flow and fall as the models walk.

“We dressed many of the looks with eye‐catching 70’s accents including head scarves wrapped around the head and tied into asymmetrical buns, and soft summer hats. We also added custom‐designed gold, silver and diamond jewelry as well as gold coins into the hair. The mood is all light and summery while still being very posh.”

Creating The Look:

Peter Gray used different sizes of curling irons to create varying types of curls, textures and volume. He created smaller curls at the base of the look to push up and support volume on the top layers of curls. He used progressively larger curling irons for wavier curls as he reached the crown as well as the front sections around the face.

  • Gray started by taking small square sections of the hair at the nape of the neck (the same size as the diameter of the small curling iron he used). This creates volume enhancing tighter base curls.
  • He applied a small amount of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream on each section, layered on a light spritz of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray target="_blank" and wrapped sections around the curling iron.
  • As he made his way up the hair, Gray graduated to vertical hair sections the same width as the diameter of the larger curling iron he selected, taking bigger sections as he reached the crown.
  • Working primarily towards a side‐part creating a wave in the fringe, he took small horizontal sections and worked back with the curling iron starting at the hairline and completing at the crown. Curls were held in place by lightweight aluminum clips to ensure springiness.
  • After combing out the curls, he applied a light mist of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray over the entire look to hold it in place while keeping the hair soft, flexible, and natural‐looking.