Woman with thin eyebrows

Most of us have heard of having transplants for vital organs, such as the kidneys or the liver. Hair transplants on the eyebrows or eyelashes, however, may be a bit new to us. Many curlies have absolutely gorgeous eyebrows and thick, long eyelashes. Others are not so lucky.

For those individuals, hair transplants might be a good solution.

Naturals & Hair Transplants

Some curlies might opt do for eyebrow and eyelash transplants because they don’t like the eyebrows and lashes they were given at birth. Others — whether curly or straight — might have a need for hair restoration due to a trauma at the hair follicle, or because of a condition such as alopecia.

In the past, hair transplants were only for those who lost hair due to medical conditions. These days, you can find a surgeon who will do a transplant to enhance the hair you already have. For instance, if you want thicker eyelashes or want to form a great eyebrow arch, finding a doctor to perform the transplant for you is relatively easy.

The Transplant Process

For an eyebrow transplant, a surgeon will remove a strip of hair-infused skin from another part of the body, like your head, and then reposition it on your eyebrow area. This hair must have the same texture as “normal” eyebrow hair, so the surgeon will search your entire scalp for the perfect piece. This means the surgeon will be looking for hair that is finer than the majority of your hair. Carefully, the hair then goes into a pre-determined incision through micro-grafting one or two pieces of hair at a time.

Prior to the surgery, which is done under mild anesthesia, you would need to work with your surgeon to decide on the exact shape and contour for your eyebrow. You would also need to talk about post-surgery care, such as how you will trim your eyebrows once the transplanted hair starts growing.

Where to Get it Done

Surgeons trained in doing hair transplants perform the eyebrow and eyelash transplants. Eyebrow transplants are especially delicate procedures, which is why only a few surgeons actually do it. A good start would be to have a consultation with a hair restoration surgeon, since that person specializes solely in hair restoration.

Variations on the Transplant

Your options for hair transplant are limited to the type of hair you have. Since the hair for the transplant comes from your head, you do have to stick with your natural hair follicles. However, you have options with regard to just how much hair you want transplanted, as well as how thick you’d like your new lashes!

Would you get an eyebrow or eyelash transplant? Why or why not?