Cassidy Blackwell getting an undershave

As Global Editor, I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest hair trends in the world of curl. Here’s a round up of a few of my favorites.


Popularized by Rihanna and Cassie a few years ago, this style involves shaving the underlayer of hair for a peek-a-boo of edginess. I especially love this look with curls, coils and waves because of the dramatic juxtaposition created with texture and shaved hair. I love this look SO much, in fact, that I tried it myself a few months ago with a quarter-inch fade on the left side of my head. While the grow-out process might be daunting for some, I’ve loved watching my little curlies re-emerge.

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Vintage curly hairstyle

Vintage Glamour

I spent three months of my life dedicated to catching up with the rest of the world by watching four seasons of Mad Men and immersing myself in the luxe styles and fashions of the 1960s. I love how both vintage clothing and hairstyling techniques have found their way back into popular culture with a modern twist. We’ve seen a re-emergence of pincurls, finger waves, bouffants, updos and other styles that once had their heyday in the 1940s-60s. Gotta love how all of these styles are geared towards creating and working with texture. One point for the curlies!

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Pastel hair coloring

Crayola Colors

I once added bright purple hair to my braids and I felt like a superhero. It was amazing. I firmly believe that everyone should have this experience in their life and I love that brick reds, tangerine oranges, lemon yellows and, of course, superhero purples are finding their way into mainstream hair culture. More recently, we’ve seen pastel hues become all the rage for a softer take on the color culture. Whether it’s a bold all-over dye or a strategically placed section, bold hues add a dose of dazzling intrigue to any head of curls.

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What are your favorite hair trends this season?