Hi, I'm Taylor Meyers. I am from ATL (Georgia) and I am a cosmetologist.

A fusion of modern and vintage

I get a lot of my inspiration from Lisa Bonet, and the character Duckie from Pretty and Pink, so a lot of my style is vintage-influenced. I love thrift shopping and finding one of a kind pieces. But I also have a lot of inspiration from modern fashion I like to fuse the two together. I love MIA's style the fun colors and interesting patterns. I love shopping at Nasty Gal, UNIF, and Forever 21.

My favorite thing about my hair is the color. It gives it an edge.

My least favorite thing is trying to brush it! I try to wash it once a week and I make my own tinted conditioner to keep my color fresh. I use strength cure shampoo and conditioner by Pureology, it's sulfate free which helps retain the color and it's very nourishing.

My hair resolution for 2015?

I see things that inspire me daily so I don't really plan ahead for anything as far as hair goals. I'm always changing it.

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