Editor’s Note: You hear a lot of "what did you put in your hair?" and "I love your shoes!" around the NaturallyCurly offices. Personally, I am always finding inspiration in what my colleagues are wearing to the office and on their Instagrams, so we're starting a new series to share what we're loving with the rest of our community - beyond our hair! #OOTD 

I’m sure you’ve heard that quote, “Girls who wear black live colorful lives.” Yep, that pretty much sums up my life. No matter how spontaneous I try to get when shopping, I always find myself leaving the store with at least one black piece of clothing. I mean can you really own too much black? That’s a rhetorical question by the way. Regardless of what others say, I feel that the color black represents confidence, strength and courage. Plus, I recently discovered that since color absorbs heat, it’s best to wear black versus white in the Summer. Of course, fabrics come into play, so don’t get carried away and try to pull out your black leather jacket.


Wearing black shows that you’re confident and fearless

When I slipped this midi dress on I immediately felt sexy, fierce and confident! I usually go for midi dresses because they’re flattering for my body type and I loved the way this dress hugged my curves, yet provided comfort.

Be low maintenance with high standards

Anytime I go shopping details are always key. What makes this dress a head turner is the minimal details such as tie-up belt around my waist and the high slit that shows a little skin. The belt can be worn either on the front or back which is great to keep my options open. This LBD is far from basic with this high slit that adds some flair and sex appeal. Even though it has a slit, I don't think it's too distracting to wear in a professional setting and demand respect.

Make it a point to own every room you walk in

Being that I’m 5’8 I rarely wear heels, but when I do you better believe I own every room I walk in. I feel that every woman should own a LBD and pair of black pumps, those are essentials, well at least for me. What's great about these basic essentials is they can be worn on several occasions from work to play.

Add a bold lip and the transition from day to night is effortless

This high slit midi dress is the perfect LBD that can be worn from work to date night effortlessly. Anytime, I want to spice up my look I can always rely on a red lip to get the job done. My go to is the NYX creme matte lip stick. What I love about this lipstick is that it doesn’t make my lips dry and you can grab it at your local drugstore for under $5.

Remember, less is more

Every now and then, I like to switch up my hairstyle and rock a sleek straight look. Being that it’s over 100 degrees during the summer months in Texas, I usually rock a curly fro, but when I’m in need for a change I opt for a blowout which can last up to 2 weeks if I stick to my routine.

To get the most out of my blowout I wear a silk wrap at night. Believe me, I'm a lazy natural, but when I don't wrap my hair I'm always sorry the next day. Protecting your hair at night is key to maintaining your straight hair and not having to apply heat to your hair frequently. Being that we're all working to get summertime fine, we must keep our hair healthy as well. I enjoy running in the mornings before work, but it usually means that my hair gets sweaty, so I’ll blow dry my hair on low and add some edge control to keep my edges laid.

Straightening my short hair can be a hassle, especially those pesky little hairs on my neck that are hard to get. So, instead of applying heat every day, I wrap my hair to lay my hair down before I get to work. When I want to add volume I'll wand or curl my hair once a week then bobby pin it at night to add some volume.

Who says you can't slay on even the hottest days?

How do you beat the heat? I'd love to know.

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Dress: Zara

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Photography by Cassandra J. Klepac