I am always excited to jump on a plane and visit a new place, but traveling can also be very stressful and put a cramp in my style. Being that I have to hop on a couple of flights anytime I want to visit my family, I have realized that there are a few small things that are necessary for me to look a little less like a zombie when I reach my destination.


First up, I am a big fan of a bag that is big enough as a carry-on and also hold your passport, water, magazines, etc. I found this Diane Von Furstenburg tote that will definitely be going on my wish list to Santa this year.


Flying always dries out my skin and leaves some serious bags under my eyes, so a good friend recommended this Evian spray to perk up my face during connections.


My sister actually met her now-fiance in an airport, which reminds me that although those yoga pants are really comfortable, they are best left for actual yoga. Throw something sparkly on in celebration of the holidays, like this wrap by Chelsey. Who knows when you'll find yourself under some mistletoe?


There is nothing more detrimental than sitting next to someone who needs their light on during a red-eye flight, so pack this super soft and super-adorable sleep mask from Bath and Body Works for your next trip.


If you over-indulge during the holiday parties and just can't escape the dark circles, you can at least cover them up in style. RayBan aviator sunglasses will never go out of style.