Lust List: Hair Accessories

2012-07-19 13:27:08

Lust List: Hair Accessories

Change up your look with these cute, fun hair accessories!

Rag & Bone Scarborough Headband

Avoid the risk of hat-hair by taking your knitted cap demi-style. This ear-covering wrap keeps you warm and shows off your highlights. Score!








Shourouk Bejewelled Headband

Bling-lovers need not forget they have another space for serious ice! When wrists, fingers, and ear lobes are sufficiently weighted down with precious stones, there's always a headband...







Tasha Crystal Garland Headband

Sprays of crystalized flowers and leaves push this headband more into tiara territory…not that we're complaining!


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Real Beauty

Real Beauty

Oooh, I was drooling looking at these hair accessories, I love to jazz up my hair with pretty flowers and headbands etc. The crystal headband looked really striking. Gorgeous!