Curls come in a different shapes and sizes. Some curls are loose, defined, or wavy. Some curls are brown, red, or indigo. Some curlies can acheive a lot of definition while others are prone to frizz. This doesn’t make you any less of a curly girl. Frizz doesn’t make you less beautiful.

I understand that it can be disappointing. Some curlies have a particular vision when they decide to wear their hair in its natural state. When magazines and ads do feature women with textured hair, they tend to primarily use women with curl definition. Much of the natural hair YouTube content is focused around attaining curl definition (hints why every company has a gel, custard, and pudding marketing to that desire). However, there is no need for hair envy. It can take some time to come to terms and accept the natural texture and behavior of your hair. Embrace your frizz and accept that defined curls don’t make your natural hair journey.

You took the big step to wear your hair in its natural. This is huge curl friend! You decided to accept the hair texture that you were born with. That is a step that everyone isn’t ready for. Give yourself a hug right now! Now it’s time to think about why your hair texture is frustrating you. Is the frizz overwhelming you? Did your wash and go not turn out as expected? You have to be honest with yourself about the real reasons why it’s frustrating you.

Now that we accepted our texture and our frustration, it’s time for a or the
solution. Embrace your frizz! Rock your ‘fro that doesn’t have pronounced curls! The thing that makes us curly girls stand out is that everyone’s hair is different. You may not look like the next curly girl that you see down the street, on YouTube, or in ads. And that's ok! This is what makes us unique and make them stare in awe of how you achieved that fabulous volume!
There is no need to go on an anti-definition campaign. No need to put down someone else's aesthetic to celebrate yours. I'm just saying that it's not the end of the world.

Regardless of if you decide to wear your hair in defined curly styles or your big frizzy hair, you are still beautiful. The curls don’t make the curly girl, the curly girl makes the curls. Accept your texture and let your confidence glow.

Do you find it challenging to embrace your frizz?