Summer may be in full swing around the country, but it was more like Christmas in June for me when I discovered the newest addition to my (much too large) polish collection, "Come To Poppy" by OPI. The inner 12-year old girl in me shrieked at the bright and shiny pink hue that is the latest addition to the 30 year-old company's vast collection of nail colors.

For me, with a wardrobe that is consistently black (I'm still a northerner at heart), adding splashes of color here and there has always been my way to break up the mundane monochrome, and what better way than with a fun and vibrant summer-esque pink? Not only are the newest nail colors a bevy of brilliant hues, but the clever names are half of the fun! Some of my favorites include, "Big Hair...Big Nails", "Houston We Have A Purple", and "Color So Hot It Berns".

So, if you're shying away from the bold patterns and prints this summer and want to stick to your uniform of black skinny jeans and black tank, just pop on over to your professional salon and get your summer on with vibrant shades of pink, orange, and red from OPI.