On the tails of the post about the top beauty picks from the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show, it only seemed fitting to dedicate an entire post to all of the hair products that caught my NaturallyCurly eye. Here's a round up of my favorites!

The It Factor

The It Factor

I love having freshly washed hair but can't stand the 7 hours it takes to fully air dry my hair. It Factor promises to reduce drying time by 50%. How? The formulation breaks down water molecules so that they evaporate more quickly so that whether you're diffusing or air drying, your curls will be touchably dry faster!

Black 15-in-1

Black 15 in 1

While many hair brands have 10, 15 or even 20 products in their line, Black 15-in-1 only has three. These three multi-benefit products, which include a cleanser, conditioner and a "Miracle Treatment" work for all hair types, whether wavy, coily, straight or curly, to provide 15 amazing benefits such as reducing frizz, hydrating hair, stopping breakage and improving shine. Only three products for all these great results? Yes please!

Sea Sponge Highlights

Paul Mitchell Highlights Sea Sponge

I love this stylist's ombre color and was totally surprised when she explained to me how she got it: with a sea sponge! By using a sea sponge rather than foils and a brush to add golden highlights to her hair, she created a more organic final look to add scintillating dimension to her curls.

Remix Rings by Soft Sheen Carson

Remix Rings

Michelle posted a picture of these on the NaturallyCurly Facebook page and people were all a-wonder about how these things work. The bad news is that I don't have a single answer but the good news is that's because you can use them in so many ways! Soft Sheen Carson Senior Educator JD Richards explained that you can fold them in half and use it like a roller, or weave hair back and forth between the two sides like a shoe lace or even hook them together to create a long wrap mold for locs. A truly versatile tool for all curl patters and hair types!

American Crew

American Crew

Short, manicured sides with a long top is the ultimate on-trend style for men right now. Models from American Crew were showcasing this look all over the Premiere floor and I loved seeing these curly guys rocking it! "We're calling it a Modern Pompadour," explained an American Crew creative director, "and making a structured vintage style more modern by adding movement and texture."

TIGI Editorial Curls

Dominico Tomei of TIGI

When I first walked over to the TIGI stage, I was delighted to see this model having her curls perfectly defined and set with a diffuser. When I circled back around 15 minutes later, I marveled at how the platform artist, Dominico Tomei was using his fingers to add controlled frizz and volume. By holding the ends of her hair in one hand, he used two fingers to push the curl up towards the roots gently breaking up the defined curl for an ethereal halo of magazine-worthy hair.


Bio Ionics Agave

Keratin treatments are still all over the place at Premiere Orlando but this new smoothing treatment by Bio Ionics caught my eye. This product uses- you guessed it- Agave extract to provide silky smooth results. Unlike other smoothing treatments, this all-natural formulation can be combined with other processes, such as coloring, without damaging the hair to reduce 80% of the curl and 100% of the volume.