November 22-December 21

Happy Birthday Sagittarius! It's your time to outshine everybody else and have the spotlight completely on you. But what will your hair and beauty say about who you are this month?

Sagittarius is up for adventure and tends to try new, bold things with no fears.

Qualities You Possess

  • You get bored easily.
  • You do well under pressure.
  • You are not great at planning.

What does this mean?

The fact that you get bored easily is not necessarily a bad thing--just means you're up for adventure and tend to try new, bold things with no fears. Most people actually admire your ability to keep things fresh and new. You're always the life of the party because of it. If you've been on the fence about a new idea or opportunity in your life, now is the time to take that opportunity no matter how big or small - it could be your next adventure.

Tight deadline? No problem for a Sag. You can squeeze quality, dependable work in front of any due date with short notice. This trait is extremely beneficial in helping you excel at work and school. What might not work in your favor, however, is your lack of planning and preparation skills. You may not be the best at scheduling a deep conditioning session well ahead of time, but you can throw your hair into a daring new style for any occasion.

If it's not too late, try organizing a small birthday get-together. After all, it won't be difficult for you to round up a group of people who cherish your company. And actually taking the time to sit down and plan a gathering will blow everyone's minds because they know how much you hate that. Stay consistent in your theme, from the party to your outfit.

Try a heatless wavy-curly style for the holidays. This will be a safe way to change up your natural texture temporarily while also feeding your appetite for change. Since trial and error isn't a big issue for you, this should be a fun way to stay busy the night before your big day.

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