Tangle Teezer

Many of us have been faithful CurlTalk users for quite some time now and have been there to witness its growth. We each have come to welcome and appreciate many of the different topics on the forum, so today, I just want to highlight 20 reasons to love CurlTalk.

Here are a few products and tools that have been discussed extensively on CurlTalk and have many-a-thread about them:

1. The Tangle Teezer

The ladies of Curltalk are always sniffing around for the latest product and I’m always looking out for threads about them, so it came as no surprise to me that this is where I found out about the latest detangling tool. Like the natural hair community, I have a love/hate relationship with this thing, but it stays in my rotation when the tangles need to come out, so thank you to whoever broke the news.

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Denman brush

2. The Denman Brush

Like the Tangle Teezer, the Denman brush is another tool that is used for detangling, but this one tends to receive more positive reviews. Also, because of more investigating and CurlTalk reporting from our curlies we have discovered how to modify it to better suit our curls.

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Eco Styler Gel

3. Eco Styler Gel

The reason this product sticks out and makes the 20 best list is because it’s so darn cheap, yet it works well. Many curlies use Eco Styler Gel for a variety of things from laying down edges to wash and gos. Had it not been for a few adventurous curlies, who were willing to try any and everything on the shelves and report back on CurlTalk, many of us would never have known about this awesome product.

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4. Low Cost Conditioners

Many of us have shelled out big bucks for conditioners and other products when there were good cheapie products that worked just as well right under our noses. So our gratitude must go out to the women of CurlTalk for dispelling the false notion that good conditioners have to be pricey.

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Shea butter

5. Shea Butter

Many of the naturalistas today swear by this product to keep their hair moisturized, but many of us will admit that before CurlTalk and the whole natural hair revolution, many of us had never even heard of it. However, due to the veterans who experimented, discovered and shared their info with us, shea butter has become so well loved, it is often the base of many of the all natural products we love.

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Nikki Walton

6. The Twist 'N Curl

As far as I know the popular style was created by one of CurlTalk’s members, CurlyNikki, when she first stepped on the scene. Some of you may say that even without CurlTalk, somebody would have placed rollers on the ends of their twists and showed it to the masses, but either way, I’m still claiming it as our very own.

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Pony puff

7. The Pony Puff

I don’t know where you all found this style, but I discovered it right here on CurlTalk.Thank the Lord too, because it has now become my main ‘do.

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Curly woman wearing a headband

8. Stretchy Headbands

As a child my mother used ballies to secure my natural hair. I don’t think I even owned a hairband until I started to relax my hair, so when I went natural, the conundrum of how I was going to secure my hair without looking like a kid with ballies in my hair was a puzzling one. But upon a quick CurlTalk search, I learned that stretched headbands and stretchy pieces of cloth would do the trick.

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Head scarf

9. Headscarves

Of all the things I have found on CurlTalk, this has probably been the most beneficial. Wearing a headscarf at night helps to keep my hair moisturized as well as preserving my hair styles. Now that I no longer have to wake up and fix my hair every morning, I get to sleep in and I love me some sleep!

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Woman trimming her afro

10. Trimming

It may seem odd to you that I would put this on the list, but many women of color can attest to the fact that trimming is something that just isn’t really done in our community if you want your hair to grow. Like many other women, I held the belief that kinky hair didn’t grow, and if cut, would remain at that shorter length. I even remember my mother having a fit when my hairdresser trimmed my ends. Kudos to Curltalk for dispelling my hair myths and saving me from a lifetime of split ends and uneven hair.

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Curly haired woman with credit card

11. Sales

This is probably the reason why I spend ungodly lengths of time on CurlTalk. I need to know when my favorite products are on sale. I look forward to hearing about the deals and coupon codes and making a mad dash to CurlMart to place my order before the products run out.

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Curly haired friends

12. Friends

Going natural can seem daunting and lonely when you’re the only natural you know. Fortunately, CurlTalk has managed to gather millions of women with one thing in common: our love of natural hair. It is always fun to talk hair with women who are not only interested in what you have to say but understand it because there is nothing more annoying than gushing about achieving third-day hair with a friend who looks at you funny and asks, “what’s that?”

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Woman look at hair product bottle

13. Product Reviews

Thanks to the product junkies out there who have yet to beat their addiction, there are always a plethora of reviews out there for those of us a little more tentative about purchasing new products. Whenever I get the itch to try something new, a quick search of CurlTalk will let me if I should take the plunge or keep searching.

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Curly haired woman on laptop

14. Blogs

I cannot thank the women of CurlTalk enough for encouraging their curlfriends to start up blogs and Youtube channels. Whereas before there were only a few avenues for education and indulgence now there are a plethora of ways to get your daily dosage of all things related to naturally curly hair. Plus, since more women have taken the plunge to document their journeys, you can now find your curltwin to give you ideas for styling and general hair care.

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Curly haired woman reading newspaper

15. Curly Hair News

Want to know which celeb just went natural or who slipped and let their ignorance about curly hair show? Then stay tuned to CurlTalk, because somewhere one of us saw or heard it and will create a thread about it.

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Curly haired Meetup

16. Meet-ups

Who doesn’t love a good soiree? But what makes natural hair meet ups so much better is getting to see the people behind the screen names, talking curly hair talk and all the free stuff.

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Woman combing conditioner through hair

17. Hair Treatments

If something just came out and has anything to do with a curl a coil or a wave, we're all over it. When the Brazilian Keratin Treatments and natural relaxers came out, our CurlTalk agents were all over it, gathering and posting the info.

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Woman checking hair product ingredients

18. Decoded Ingredients Lists

A special thank you must go out to all the curly chemists on CurlTalk who are always there to answer questions about ingredients. They have done everything from exposing disguised harmful ingredients to calming our fears about seemingly suspicious and unpronounceable ones.

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Curly haired woman on laptop

19. Natural and Curly Hair Lingo

When I first stepped onto the CurlTalk scene, I hated the acronyms because I couldn’t understand them. When I started writing posts, however, I realized how useful they are. Who wants to always write out long terms like teeny weeny afro and twist and curl when TWA and TnC are so much easier? I’ve gotten so used to the terms I even use them when I speak, and I love the convenience.

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Woman with long, wavy hair

20. Inspiration

I simply love looking at the natural hair journeys of other naturals. I’m always so curious about their methods and routines. I especially love to browse the forum when I’m frustrated with my hair to see the many stories of women who had similar problems and overcame them. Seeing women go from tiny afros to hair that defies gravity and tries to touch the sky or curls and waves tumbling down their backs also gives me hope now that I’m trying to attain more length.

What do you love most about CurlTalk?

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