John Frieda Collection

John Frieda is one of the most trusted names in the hair care industry, but I never knew why until gave me the collection to try for myself. I am a natural wavy, but I like to flat iron my hair for special occasions. I wasn’t aware of any John Frieda products other than their famous serum, so I was really curious to try out their shampoo and conditioners as well as an interesting cream called “Straight Fixation.” I decided to try all of the Frizz Ease collection at once, and called it my very own “Frizz Ease Experience.”

First, I washed my hair with the Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Shampoo for repairing the hair. The shampoo is really milky and made a nice lather that wasn’t too thick. Then I conditioned with the Smooth Start Repairing Conditioner, letting it sit in my hair for about five minutes. After I rinsed, I noticed how amazingly smooth my hair felt already.

Then, I let my hair air dry for about ten minutes. The Straight Fixation Cream is supposed to smooth out the hair and block frizz, and should be applied before you style your hair. I applied only a dime-size amount onto the palms of my hands and rubbed it into my damp hair. The consistency is smooth but slightly thick, much like lotion feels. I suggest using a wide-toothed comb to brush it in if you have thick hair. My hair is thin, so I simply brushed it through my hair with my fingers. Then, using the blow dryer, I dried my hair, using only my fingers to guide it.

I noticed a difference right away! Usually when I blow my hair dry, the result is a jungle of frizz. Heat makes my hair a big mass of fuzz that a comb can get lost in. But this time, my hair was smooth and already straight! I was very pleased at how much the Straight Fixation Smoothing Crème worked. I didn’t even need to pull my hair down with a brush to make it straight.

After blow drying my hair, I usually spend about thirty minutes laboriously flat ironing my hair to perfection. But this time I was equipped with John Frieda, and only used my flat iron for touch ups. I applied a dime-size amount of serum, specifically the Frizz-Ease Extra Strength formula, and ran it through the ends of my hair. Then I went through my hair with the flat iron for only two minutes! My hair, which once required thirty minutes of straightening, now required only two minutes of touch ups.

The finishing touch was a glossy spray called Frizz-Ease 100% Shine Glossing Mist. I sprayed the top, which tends to be a mess of flyaways and frizz. Then I smoothed it through my hair, from top to bottom. Only a very small amount of the spray is needed; the spray is so thin that it easily runs through the hair. Applying too much could make your hair greasy. I loved the way my hair looked. It was so silky, and I had to try hard to keep my hands off it! Was my hair frizz free for 24 hours? Yes, it was. The silky smooth texture of my hair lasted for two days, and probably could have lasted longer if I wanted.

My conclusion? These products are awesome, and I will definitely be using them again. They shorten the amount of time that I flat iron my hair, so less heat is used on my hair overall. Even when I don’t flat iron my hair, I can still use the frizz-ease on my waves. The shampoo and conditioner, serum, and gloss mist is great for anyone who wants to eliminate frizz and have silky smooth hair.