Summer was fun, but man, was it busy.

devri mustard yellow 3

I got to wear lots of bright colors to remind myself to stop, breathe, and have a little fun. Maybe not oddly enough, mustard yellow became my color of choice. Made from mixing black with yellow, I wouldn't quite call it a coincidence that I found myself drawn to the hue, in all of my celebratory black girl magic. And after all, it only made even more sense after reading that yellow was the universal symbol for sunshine, happiness, and warmth.

On a particularly stylish day at the NaturallyCurly office, I had yet another random but well-received run-in with mustard yellow via this dress from Beehive.

The floral beading detail sold me instantly. It wasn't even windy that day but I still felt like a bumble bee, flowing in the breeze with my week's best wash-and-go out to play, sipping my latte and chatting about the people who had broken our hearts.

mustard yellow devri 2

The end to a summer affair...

While I will likely put my summer love of mustard yellow to rest as I enter fall with deeper, darker colors in mind, I will keep it near and dear to my heart. However, I am excited for the inspiration that being relocated on the east coast during my birthday season is already bringing me. Currently on my shopping list: more activist statement t-shirts, metallic pantsuits, and rose-printed everything.

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Photos by Cassandra Klepac