Your natural curls may vary from day to day. Don't stress - our CurlTalkers talk about hair curly confidence.

Curly Hair

Do what makes you - and your hair - happy.


“You have to be able to accept what you have been naturally given and stop trying to change it according to what society says is beautiful. I guess you come to the point where you stop caring about what everyone else thinks and you do what makes you happy or makes you the best you possible.” –CurlTalk User: pprMACHEheart

What this curly gal says is very important for not just curly girls, but everyone! Happiness should be found within yourself, and not in what others have to say about you—with or without curly hair.


Don’t forget that hair should always match your personality. It takes individuality for curly girls to embrace their unique hair and wear it proudly. This CurlTalk user’s comment envelops the individuality and personality that come with natural curls:

“When I wear it natural, I feel more comfortable - more me. It's not perfect, neither am I. It never turns out the same each time I style it, it's unique and kind of quirky and weird sometimes - just like me.” -CurlTalk User: aislin


“It takes the right attitude to rock curly hair. If you are constantly criticizing your curls and not confident with them, then why would anyone else find it fabulous? I have always worn my hair curly, and while I certainly have days that I long for it to be different, I walk around and own the style I have.”

-CurlTalk User: CurlyHairedFarmer

Confidence is key, especially with curls. If you have natural curls but don’t think you can pull off the look, it’s probably because you don’t feel confident enough to do so. You should always wear what makes you feel confident.


Kleinsorge agreed that curly girls have an adventurous side. Perhaps it’s because so many girls who wear their natural hair tend to be more open to chance, or maybe it’s because adventurous women stray away from the conventional? In any case, Kleinsorge says that if you want to rock natural hair, you can’t always play it safe. Finding your style is a process that takes time and is a matter of trial and error.

“With hair or fashion, you have to take risks. Sometimes you have to lose some to win some,” says Kleinsorge.

So if you’re thinking about dropping the flat iron and plunging into the world of natural hair, there’s lots of advice for you from the CurlTalk Community. Rocking your wavy, curly, or kinky hair can (and should) be fun and rewarding with the right products, advice and attitude!

Thanks to Emily Kleinsorge and all the CurlTalk users for their lovely advice!

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Susonnah Gonzalez

Hi! I'm Susonnah Gonzalez. I write, work and live in Austin, TX. I began my wavy hair journey in college, which is when I really began to explore the needs of wavy hair and the products that work best with it. Every day is different with my hair but every day I learn something new!

This is a great article, but why are you calling straight hair lifeless?!!! My mom and dad have wonderful straight hair, are you saying that their hair is LIFELESS? (My grandmother had curly hair, which is why mine's is wavy.) Hair is beautiful REGARDLESS of texture!

An article like this makes me proud to be a curly girly. Our curly/wavy heads are all unique and gorgeous.

Somehow natural curls makes us seem more open. People smile and talk to me more now. Nice!

What a great article, Susonnah! It pretty much sums up this entire website in just two pages. We are who we are... waves, curls, kinks, so... there it is!