SunglassesEvery woman knows the importance of having sunglasses in their wardrobe. They have the ability to complete any look by making it look polished and pulled together, all while giving us a gust of confidence as well.

Each season, new types shades become popular and take center stage with trendy designers, so in case you haven’t been keeping up with the runways, here are 10 cool sunglasses you don’t want to be caught without!

1. Aviator/Pilot


These are currently the most popular cool sunglasses of the season. This style was first made fashionable by Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” and can now be seen everywhere! Aviator, or Pilot, frames primarily have very thin frames with a bar above the nosepiece. They are popular in both gold and silver.

2. Round

Round, very large frames have “fabulous” written all over them. SunglassesThese frames tend to have a movie star appeal to them. If you are planning on showing up to an event with a very glamorous look, then this option is surely the way to go!

3. Butterfly

The butterfly shades are similar to the round frames, but are set apart by the way the shades are cut. Butterfly sunglasses are narrower towards the nose and then fan out like butterfly wings toward the frame of your face. Many designers, such as Tom Ford, have been coming out with more and more of this style as they give a very distinctive look.

4. Cat Eye

Cat eye shades are perfectly suited for those out on the prowl. This style is narrow toward the nose, and then transitions into an oval frame that swoops up to a point at the corners of your eyes. As an accessory to a flattering summer dress, these glasses will give you that sexy look without much effort.

5. Square

Square sunglasses are great because they come in so many different options that you are bound to find something that compliments your face shape perfectly! The smaller square shapes are perfect for more casual looks during the day, while the much large square shape goes perfect with more over the top, alluring looks. This style is also perfect for people with heart shaped faces.

6. Rectangle

In the past, rectangle shades were primarily worn on men, but how times have changed! Designers, such as Tory Burch, have created rectangle looks for females that are both classic and sophisticated. This is certainly a trend that every gal should follow up on.

7. Rimless

Rimless and partially rimless sunglasses are perfect for a very refined and classy look that is in need of one last accessory to tie it all together. These are perfect for more upscale events.

8. Shield

These cool sunglasses are connected in the middle instead of having a piece that separates the frames at the nose. You will find this style being sported at the beach or during summer sporting events because they help protect your face, but still keep you looking cool!

9. Wrap

These cool sunglasses are contorted to compliment the shape of your head. If you like wearing glasses a bit tighter to your face, these would be your choice! They come in many different types of frames, so you have the option of choosing what compliments your face to make you look even more fabulous!

10. Wayfarer

These shades are for the spunky gal with a retro loving look! These shades will take you back in time and go well with a great pair of leggings and an oversized tee. They can be dressed up or down depending on the material that they are made from. Either way, these shades are always a fun choice!

Allison Cooper

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