A model wearing a Ralph Lauren hat at New York City Fashion Week

For curlies and NatuallyCurly.com alike, New York Fashion Week ran the gamut of emotion from chaos to admiration to “Oh my gosh, we’re here, this is happening!”

Texture on the Runway” was a massive success, but it would be silly of us to ignore all the other shows that were going on that week! At the top of our favorites list was the Ralph Lauren presentation focusing on hats. Taking inspiration from PBS’s “Downtown Abbey,” Ralph Lauren models sported English-style hats that are bound to make a comeback.

For curlies, hats are miracle workers in winter. They keep your curls, kinks and waves protected, your head warm, and if you can manage to find one with a silk lining, they can even provide second day hair! Seriously, holy grail accessories, I tell you.

In addition, perhaps without knowing it, Ralph Lauren’s collection is even better suited to curly tresses — though you wouldn’t know it from their stick straight stranded models — given that the shape perfectly accomodates protective styles and allows for you to push all your curls up under that protective barrier we call “hat.”

Take a look for yourself and then keep an eye out for the style before the heat hits!

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