Winter is here and with it comes the winter hair blues. Between the cold weather outside and the drying heat inside, it’s going to be tough to keep our hair healthy and happy. Many of us will go the route of simply putting our hair up and away this winter which can be boring. If you want to protect your hair without sacrificing your style and divatude, then read on for these stylish hair accessories to keep you winter chic.

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Satin lined hat

If you want to protect your hair and stay cute this winter, look no further than a good hat. For a more casual look, go for a brightly colored, slouchy beanie with lots of design. If you want to go more formal, try a beret with a decorative detail like a flower or some sparkle. Whatever you choose, make sure that the hat is lined with satin to keep your curls moisturized and prevent them from snagging on the wool.; £9.95

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Crochet Headband, Ear Warmer With Flower, Pink, Women, Teen, Adultcourtesy of BrendaLizBoutique via

Ear warmers

Let’s be real — there are times when the massiveness of our hair simply can’t fit under a hat, or the ponytail or bun looks weird jutting out from the back. When those days roll around, don’t suffer silently with frozen ears — invest in ear warmers instead.

For you curlies who don’t know what I’m talking about, ear warmers are wide woolen headbands that are meant to be worn over the ears to keep them warm. They allow you to get the warmth of a hat without ruining your ‘do. If you’re a curly who enjoys a little DIY, then you can even sew in some satin linings. by BrendaLizBoutique; $13.99

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Schoodie Double Knit Hooded Scarfcourtesy

Hooded scarf

This one is relatively new and is perfect for curlies who aren’t into accessories and don’t want to make a fuss. Hooded scarves provide the best of both worlds by keeping your neck warm and giving you a hood for those unexpected snowfalls, or when you want to protect your curls from the wind.; $42.00

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Sparkle and glitter

Winter can be so drab and boring with shorter days, snowstorms and the dreaded flu. But just because winter is drab, does’t mean your hair has to be, even if you’ve put it up and away in a protective style. To add some pizzazz to your ‘do, add an accessory or two. But not just your ordinary flower or bow, go for any and everything that sparkles and glitters. The shine of your accessories mimic the sparkle of snow, and all the glitz and glam should help all the long-term protective stylers go the long haul and not get bored.; £15.00

These are just a few ways that I accessorize during the winter to stay warm and fashionable. How do you accessorize? Share in the comments section below.

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