Tips to solve summer hair problems

Can you tell that the girl pictured to the left is feeling stressed? On one hand, she’s ecstatic that it’s summertime, but on the other, she knows that bad hair days are ahead and include frizzy strands, limp locks and color-changing tresses. Knowing her pain, we interviewed top hair-care and styling experts to solve all your hair issues caused by the summer heat.

Your Hair Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger

In order to tame frizz, you need to understand it. “Frizz happens when the cuticle layer (the outer layer”> of the hair opens, moisture gets inside, and the hair swells up,” says Aussie celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempo. “Frizz is created when layers of hair are being pushed in an unnatural direction due to weather, poor hair care, or even rubbing too much with a towel.” Make sure your hair stays hydrated by using a leave-in conditioner like Aussie Hair Insurance before you head outdoors. Also, cut back on your use of heat tools — the high temperatures are a surefire way to zap your hair of any moisture it has. Keep flatiron and blow-dryer use to every two days. When blow-drying, hold the concentrator parallel to the section and aim toward the floor, not at the hair.

Your Curls Are Unruly, Undefined & Just Plain Ugly

The main goal in dire situations like humidity is to work with your hair and not against it. Use a flexible-hold gel and twist in the direction of the curls, which will help all the hair move the same way and avoid frizz. Just as above, keep your hair hydrated. “Regular deep-conditioning treatments are the foundation and lifeline for curls,” says curly-hair expert Ouidad. Try Ouidad Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner. Lastly, mandate a hands-off rule on especially humid days since the less touching, the better chance your curls will stay in tact. Roughing up the curls with a towel causes friction, so pull your curls in a very soft ponytail on top of your head with a scrunchie and let your hair air-dry overnight.

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