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It’s bikini season! Time to get smooth summer ready skin (which includes removing unwanted hair”>. Laser hair removal is a method of hair removal whereby a laser is used to penetrate deep into the hair follicle using its energy to destroy it. After the second session of laser treatment your hair will be reduced up to 70% eventually leading to lighter and finer hair ending with hair no longer growing in the area.

However like a lot of hair removal methods it can be quite painful but here are some ways to make your next laser hair removal appointment go as smoothly as possible!

Schedule a consultation

Do your research and read reviews from different laser removal clinics before getting your treatment done. Schedule a consultation with the professional who will be performing your treatment beforehand. Together you and them can discuss the process, your hair and skin type, what you will need to do to prepare and work out the best plan for pain relief if any is needed.

Plan ahead of vacation

Ideally, it is best to start your laser hair removal sessions before summer as it puts your skin at less risk from burns or pigmentation issues caused by the sun. Remember to plan ahead; if you are going on holiday anytime soon, give yourself enough time to heal so there is no room for irritation or damage to your skin.

Choose to use a numbing cream

This can be used and provided by the specialist before your treatment to protect the surrounding tissue and reduce a chance of pain. The cream works as an anaesthetic and stops pain signals before they start. As an alternative, you can use a cool patch or ice from the grocery store to numb the area before your session. This will control your sensitivity level.

Treat smaller areas at a time

The quicker the treatment, the easier the appointment will be. The laser can treat an area approximately the size of a quarter every second and kills many hairs at the same time. Larger areas like your legs may take up to an hour to treat, so be prepared to feel some temporary discomfort. Small areas of hair such as the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute; if you have sensitive skin, you may have to stick to laser hair removal in smaller areas.

Let your hair grow out

It is very important that you let the hair grow out beforehand but then shave the hair in the area on the day of your appointment. Extra hairs above the surface of the skin can cause additional sensitivity during treatment. Then, singed hair and lead to skin burns. The laser targets the hairs, roots on. Waxing or plucking beforehand will remove the roots causing the laser treatment to be ineffective a big no no!

Here’s to smooth summer ready skin!

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