Perhaps we all should have seen this coming. I mean, the warning signs were clearly there. First, she dressed like a spaceman, then she wore meat…we all quickly realized that the leader of little monsters was not taking a backseat to conventional fashion. So when I say that we should have seen a hair dress coming, I’m not speaking metaphysically.

E! Online reports that, while touring in Hong Kong this past weekend, Lady Gaga was seen wearing none other than a pastel purple (hey, at least it is on trend with color?”> wig hair dress into which her own blonde locks were woven.

Yep, that dress you are seeing is hair, and the hair that disappears into the dress is in fact literally tying her to her ensemble.

Now, we certainly aren’t anyone to judge. We maintain the “Do you” attitude all day, every day, but, and perhaps this is just a preference all our own, we like to see hair on top of the head and not being worn as a full-on outfit — unless of course it’s you and your man’s night in, if you know what I mean.

Here’s what it comes down to: fashion really can be taken too far, and all I can say about this piece is thank the universe that it isn’t REAL hair. Whew – think what a waste that would have been for all our chemo-trodden sisters out there!

What do you think of Gaga’s newest fashion faux-pas? 

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