Did you see the bride whose natural hair wedding pics went viral? I recently spoke with Nakyia Whitty to find out more about her inspiration behind the idea for her bridesmaids all rocking their 'fros.

natural hair bride viral

Hello! My name is Nakyia Whitty.

I live in Houston, Texas and work in Profits.  I met my husband Jay at Texas Southern University through a mutual band friend. He and his twin were snare drummers and I am a majorette (dancer).  It was definitely not love at first sight. Jay was a nice guy,  but he was a freshman in campus, I was already seeing someone and didn't look at him in that way at all.

I've been wearing my hair natural for about four years now, and Jay is a big reason why.

He encouraged me when I initially came to him about my thoughts of going natural. He helped me learn my hair and even kept me going when I big chopped and couldn't bring a comb through it to save my life! Jay was encouraging when I was self conscious about the length of my hair when it was a TWA. Today, Jay says he 100% prefers my natural hair over my relaxed hair.
 My hair grows this way. I wear it this way on a normal basis. I just can't find a reason as to why I'd straighten it because I'm getting married.
The majority of the women around me are natural. I knew I wanted to capitalize on that natural beauty whenever my Big Day came. So yes, it was planned--I asked everyone's hair be fro'd out, big and uniquely styled. To each their own. It was just important for me to represent me, a natural black woman. My hair grows this way. I wear it this way on a normal basis. I just can't find a reason as to why I'd straighten it because I'm getting married. I cannot understand the limits we put on our hair. I love my hair and I work with, appreciate, and slay with what I was born with.  

Own it boo. Own it!

There is absolutely no reason you shouldn't feel comfortable with your natural self. Start with yourself. Reevaluate what beauty is and/or what is appropriate to you and question why it doesn't include you being you? Whatever it is, drop it! Who set these standards of beauty and of what is acceptable here or there? How come we (women of Afro descent) in our natural state just didn't make the cut? I seriously thought about that one day and those thoughts resulted in a woman who didn't care what anyone had to say about her hair. I mean, my chin was to the sky that day. I wore my 'fro picked all the way out; I got looks but didn't pay attention to whether they were disgust or admiration. I didn't care one way or the other--I walked in that grocery store like I owned it! Most powerful grocery trip, ever.

When I began my journey, I wasn't confident at all. I slowly gained confidence in who I was until one day it just clicked: we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. No shame, just glory.

Experiment and find products that make your hair happy. It may take some time, effort and spare change but stay diligent, appreciate the process and you will begin to appreciate your natural self like none other.

Did/will you wear your hair natural to your wedding?
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