Instagram is one of our favorite places to find haircut inspiration, our daily dose of unicorn hair colors, and other women dealing with the ups and downs of having curly hair. This is especially helpful when you don’t have many curly family members to look to for tips and tricks, or curlfriends to share in your natural hair journey. We rounded up some of our favorite curly girls to follow on Instagram in 2016...warning: serious hair envy ahead.

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Crystal Westbrooks

The second-youngest of a group of social media-famous siblings residing in Los Angeles, Crystal sets herself apart from her sisters in that she takes pride in her unaltered, natural curls.

Curly Edgy

Better known as Edgy, this budding YouTuber shares product reviews, and attends various events and meetups, living a true curly lifestyle to the fullest.

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Talk about length goals. Bounce Curl owner, Merian, is passionate about maintaining a minimal regimen for her beautiful, luscious locks.

Alexis Savage

The naturally ginger-tinted hair, the frizz, the freckles — Alexis basks in what would might generally be considered beauty oddities.

Romance Cox

A never-ending stream of simple coily hair tutorials, giveaways, and the occasional lighthearted meme make Hey Curlie's feed worth following.

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As if her daring big chop wasn't worthy enough for a repost, this editorial model's striking features only enhance her natural hair.

Stephanie Bertram Rose

This stunning bleach blonde curly girl has a knack for actually smiling in her selfies, a rarity in today's viral pictures.

Cheyenne Depree

Cheyenne is the definition of poise and grace. Her free-flowing curls support her perspective on life and career.

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Jasmine Winters

Jasmine never has a shortage of advice, product recommendations, or hair-care tips for her 40,000-something kinky curly-haired followers.

Isabella Peschardt

This mixed model chick highlights her everyday fabulous lifestyle and modeling career on IG sprinkled with flawless no-filter selfies we can stare at for hours.

Tamy Emma Pepin

Watch Canadian TV show host, Tamy, and her perfect head of curls, travel the U.S. on a mission to befriend other lovers of adventure.

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Avielle Amor

Twist-outs, tapered cuts, and TWAs are in abundance on Avielle's IG, showing off the true beauty and versatility of natural hair.

Frederikke Sofie

Before this year, we had no clue who Frederikke was. But this year, the model made huge waves during New York Fashion Week — she can thank her huge hair for that.

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Known online as Happy Curl Happy Girl, this curly girl has a wide range of tutorial and care videos to let others in on her springy, defined ringlets secret.

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Adwoa Aboah

GURLS TALK founder and model Adwoa is known for her passionate feminist-friendly posts and beautiful, low curly-coily 'fro.

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Carol Savannah, founder of MixxxedChicks and The Naturals Life, is a product junkie whose main focus is on the curly haired and multicultural communities.

Who are your favorite curly Instagrammers that we should follow?