Moving to a new country is exciting but it can also be challenging. There’s a lot to take in, adjust to, and change about our daily life routines, particularly when it comes to our hair care regimens. My experience has taught me that natural hair care isn’t about following a strict regimen blindly, rather it’s about adjusting and responding to my hair’s needs. When I moved to Australia, I found that my hair fell prone to several environmental factors. The change of weather, pace, or diet meant I had to adjust my regimen to my hair’s needs. Here is what has changed about my hair since I moved to Australia


It’s super dry! Picture a fire in the Sahara, now picture my hair. Yes, that’s how bad it’s been. The summer heat has been brutal, not to mention how erratic Melbourne’s weather can be! One day it’s raining cats and dogs, the next we’re chilling in the 40s, and a few minutes later we’re baking in the 100s. Needless to say, my hair and scalp have been quite moody the past few weeks.

Loose styles

I’ve been wearing my hair out lots more. I’ve been rocking twist outs and low buns rather than my two strand twists because I’ve been adjusting to a new corporate work culture. Not that I’m constricted in any way, but I’ve felt the need to present myself in a classic and minimalist professional manner. I’d like to think this has also contributed to my hair’s dryness.

Gentler maintenance

My hair is a lot longer and therefore more prone to tangles and knots. I have to be super gentle with my hair now more than ever as I’m keen on getting past 20 inches this year.

Shorter regimen

My weekly routine is lots shorter. Gone are the days when I could spend six hours of my weekend just tending to my strands! I’ve let go (at least temporarily”> of some unnecessary steps in my regimen. Now I focus on cleansing using apple cider vinegar, deep conditioning as usual, and detangling thoroughly. These three steps are enough to get me from week to week with minimal breakage and maximum hydration.

Incorporating henna

I’ve been using henna more frequently. I discovered a high quality henna brand while here and my hair has loved it! I’ve been mixing my henna with my deep conditioner and applying it on my hair for four hours every two weeks. Pure heaven!

Wet detangling

I now prefer wet detangling rather than dry detangling. In other words, rather than detangle my hair post wash day when it’s dry, I’m finding that it’s easier to detangle my hair right after I deep condition. It takes less time and I have less breakage.

Have you recently relocated? How have you adjusted your hair regimen to suit your hair’s needs? We’d love to know so leave us a note down below!

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