I have been obsessed with curly and wavy hair for as long as I can remember.

Growing up, my mom always wore her hair naturally wavy and I was in love with it.

As I got older, I was always watching out for different hair inspiration everywhere I looked, I was amazed at how hard it was to find people who didn’t straighten their hair or that weren’t done with a curling iron.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift became a music sensation when I was in high school and we both rocked very similar hair at that time--I gained the nickname Taylor from my friends because of this. I was in love with her big waves because they were not always perfectly in place. She showed me that naturally wavy hair was a beautiful hairstyle choice. I was inspired to keep trying to wear my hair curly even though at the time, I wasn’t quite sure how to care for it.

Diane Mary

When I first started to realize there was a whole hair care community online dedicated to wavy and curly hair, Diane Mary was one of the very first YouTubers I stumbled upon. Her beautifully wavy hair and no nonsense reviews of products gave me the confidence to go out and try new methods I had never thought of for myself before.


Soon after finding Diane, I found Waterlily716 (Sarah) and Curly Penny who both showed me how to do updos and generally care for my curls.


Even though I have a pretty good handle on my curls now, I still look for inspiration wherever I can. Instagram has become one of my favorite platforms to find new ideas and looks for my hair because there are so many beautiful curl pictures to be able to lose yourself in! Accounts like The Curly Bunch have become amazing resources for girls like me who want to rock their natural hair texture.

Who are your favorite curl icons at the moment?

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