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When looking to give your curls a boost, there are a lot of great methods trusted by fellow naturalistas, and steaming is one of them. If you are new to your journey, you may have a few questions and we totally get it. "What does steaming do to my hair?" you ask. Here'a what you need to know about this hair care method.

"What does steaming your hair do?"

Steaming your hair opens up the hair cuticle by way of heat. This allows for moisture from the steam to penetrate your hair. Steaming also works to open up the pores on the scalp which can in turn help with blood circulation. Proper blood flow is key to hair health, as well as helping to ensure new growth is possible. This process also aids in elasticity to safely stretch the hair.

"Is there a certain hair type better suited to steaming?"

All hair types and textures can benefit from the use of steam for added moisture, helping curlies with low porosity hair as it opens up the cuticle to allow for more penetration. However, it can certainly benefit all porosities and can be used by women in any phase of their natural hair journey. Whether your hair is relaxed and color treated, transitioning to natural, or completely natural, steaming is a great way to up the hydration factor without worry.

"When should I use a steamer?"

You can steam natural hair whenever you think your strands need a boost of moisture. The most common reason to use one is to allow better penetration to the scalp prior to applying deep treatments. This will allow the product a better chance of absorbing into hair and skin for improved results.

"Can steaming damage my hair?"

While we all know the perils of overusing heat tools, such as blow dryers and flat irons, the concern over steaming natural hair is somewhat misunderstood. A heat tool uses just heat without moisture which can leave hair dry and brittle. Since a steamer uses the combination of heat and water, it is safe for your hair without robbing it of moisture or damaging it with heat.

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