12 Braid Regimens You’ll Want to Use in 2024
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One thing we love about braids is that they come in different styles. Knot braids, knotless braids, cornrows, stitch braids, Fulani braids–you name it. When styling your hair with braids, the options are endless, and braided hairstyles can last for weeks. Unfortunately, factors like humidity, frizz, flyaways, and even new growth can turn beautiful braids into something old and unappealing. This is why you need to know how to care for them properly. As we’re going into 2024, if you’re looking for inspiration or just a switch-up to your current braid regimen, look no further. We’ve compiled a range of different braid regimens that you should try out to increase their longevity and keep your braids looking fresh and lively.


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When your hair is braided, it can become easy to neglect the scalp, which may dry out and, in turn, cause itchiness and flaking. To care for your scalp in knot box braids, hydrate it with a mix of rosewater and aloe. These help to soothe the scalp, providing relief from any itching. Next, massage your scalp and the roots of your hair with essential oils, carrier oils, or Ayurvedic oils to keep them hydrated and reduce flaking.


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Going about with dirty braids is just not it, yet you don’t have to take them out to cleanse your scalp and hair. Simply wash the roots of your hair and braids with shampoo (and a scalp massager, although this is optional). Rinse thoroughly before conditioning.

If you are uncomfortable with getting your hair wet, though, you can opt for a dry shampoo instead. This will cleanse your scalp and hair without needing to be washed off. After that, dry your braids and go in with a leave-in conditioner. Lastly, oil your scalp and braids, and voila, clean braids.


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Your cornrow braids experiencing frizz and flyaways can give you a disheveled look. To ensure your braids stay neat, moisturize the scalp and roots with a hydrating lotion. Follow this up with your natural hair oil to seal up the moisture. Lastly, apply mousse all over the braids to help tame the frizz and flyaways.


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Due to their mix of braids and curls, this hairstyle requires more attention when it comes to maintenance, as the curls can get tangled and frizzy over time. To care for this, start by working on the braids in sections. Next, spritz each section with water, followed by a hydrating lotion. Run your fingers through the braids to separate knots and snip out any stubborn knots with a pair of hair shears.

After this, generously apply a curl cream to the braids until every part is fully saturated. Then, put sections of the hair into two-strand twists, apply a soothing oil to your scalp, and finish up by spraying mousse. Tie your hair with a satin scarf and leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour or bed. Take out the scarf after, undo the twists, and enjoy your refreshed, revitalized boho braids.


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Due to the front part of your hair being braided flat in this style, it may be somewhat of a challenge getting products to the scalp and hair, which are in between the braids, but it is doable. Start gently massaging a few drops of scalp treatment between the braids. Next, spray the body and ends of the braids with leave-in conditioner. Follow this by wrapping a satin scarf around the head. Put the braids into a ponytail, secure them with a scrunchie or an elastic band, and roll the ends into a donut. Stuff this into a satin bonnet, and take out the next morning to see your refreshed braids.


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Like all other braids, stitch braids look unappealing when they are not well cared for. To keep your stitch braids looking beautiful, co-wash every two weeks, spritz with water to rinse off the co-wash, and dry with a microfiber towel. Next, apply mousse generously to the braids and wrap on a satin scarf. Leave for a few minutes, and then take out the scarf.


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Begin by applying setting lotion to the braided part of the hair. Next, wrap a styling strip around the braid to the end. Apply gel to the top of the ponytail to keep flyaways in check, and tie it with a satin scarf. Roll the large braid and stuff it in a satin bonnet with the rest of your head. Take it out after 30 minutes, and you are good to go.


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Also called Nollywood braids, the loose curls of this braided hairstyle tend to matt, frizz, and tangle if you don’t give it proper maintenance. Start by wrapping the head in a satin or silk scarf and apply mousse generously to the curls. If the curls are tangled badly, you must detangle with your fingers and snip out stubborn knots. After that, two-strand twist the curls in sections and pull the entire braids inside a bonnet to bed. Take out the next day.


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Start by saturating the hair with water from your spray bottle or use a hydrating lotion. Next, detangle by running your fingers through those tiny braids. Apply mousse to revive the bounce of the braids and, finally, lay your edges.


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If you’re going to keep jumbo braids for more than a month, you can wash them to manage product build up. Personally, I keep them for just 2 weeks so this way is less tedious and I get to wash my hair after. You can also wash your edges every week for a cleaner look. #jumbobraids #knotlessbraidstip #julianaamoateng #beautycreator

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Keep your jumbo braids looking fresh by moisturizing the scalp and roots with a hydrating lotion and sealing them with oil. Use edge control to sleek down the roots of each section to keep them nicely laid and neat.


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Long and wavy crochet braids tend to tangle easily. First, divide the hair into a few sections to keep the curls separate and bouncy. Next, detangle each section with a detangler and separate the curls with your fingers. Two-strand twist the curls in sections and wrap hair with a satin scarf for at least 30 minutes or the whole night. Once the time is up, take out the satin scarf and undo the twists.


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A messy Dutch braids is not a good look. To keep your Dutch braids looking presentable, spray the areas of your scalp with water or a hydrating lotion and seal this with a small amount of oil.

Put some edge control onto your edge brush and gently brush it toward the direction of the plait. Next, use the tail of your rattail comb to tuck in the ends and leave to dry.

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