13 Vacation Braid Styles for Your Next Trip
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For anyone who enjoys a good recharging vacation during the spring and summer months, now is the time to be thinking about outfits and hair. Vacation braids are a common natural hair go-to because, in addition to looking incredible, they save so much time when you’re out trying to enjoy a new place, experience, or activity. You may have to carve out six hours to get them installed, but no one would do it if it wasn’t worth it.

We thought we’d round up a few vacation braids styling ideas that might catch your eye as you plan your next excursion, big or small. Ahead you’ll find 13 variations of box braids, cornrows, and some in-between styles that you can peruse to your heart’s content. Hopefully, it’ll make planning for that vacation just a little easier!


Source: @melissa_nerovique

These braids are Fulani-inspired, but the style certainly has its unique flavor! First of all, we love a two-toned look on braids, and the blonde pops out here. And the claw clip is very current and super functional for keeping braids out of the way when necessary.

Waterfall Ponytail

13 Vacation Braid Styles for Your Next Trip
Source: @sbm_beauty_

These half-up half-down braids look eye-catching with loose, curly ends. Loosely secure the front half of your hair with a hair tie to get good height on the ponytail and create the “waterfall” effect that almost looks like one super long ponytail.

Classic Straight Backs with Design

13 Vacation Braid Styles for Your Next Trip
Source: @harmonicurls

Break up the simplicity of straight-back cornrows by throwing a design or two in there. Mairaly (pictured above) did her braids that turned out fabulously, but if you let your braider know you’re interested in designs, you’re sure to walk out of the salon with something amazing.

Half Feed-in Half Sew-in

Source: @braidbarlbn

The age of the sew-in is returning, and we’re not mad at it. If you’re into straight hair at the moment, but not so into straightening your hair, there’s always a good ol’ sew-in. The overall look is fairly simple, but so very clean and sleek.

Beach Wave Braids 

13 Vacation Braid Styles for Your Next Trip
Source: @caeliya.a

If your destination of choice is somewhere tropical with a beach, consider this wavy look. Leaving the ends loose and wavy is like having the best of both worlds if you don’t want to be fully committed to loose or braided hair–it works so well together.

Raindrop Braids

Source: @amencis.mb

The creativity of this one is on another level. Who made the rule that we can only wear braids on the ends of our hair? We could have been wearing them like little “raindrops” all along.

Long Braided Pony

13 Vacation Braid Styles for Your Next Trip

That whip-action on a braided ponytail never gets old. With a bundle of synthetic hair (or real, if you’d prefer) you can have a sleek result with minimum effort.

Beaded Fulani-Inspired

13 Vacation Braid Styles for Your Next Trip
Source: @dhatgirlbecca

This style is also Fulani-inspired but with a bit of a zig-zag pattern and some accent beads. There’s a tutorial on this exact look-over on Beauty and Curls on YouTube.

Bantu Knot Crown and Beads

Source: @myfashionbreak

Now that we’ve reclaimed bantu knots in Black hair culture, we’re never letting them go. They’re so versatile. And the braid work here is incredible–unless you’ve got top-notch skills, you’ll want to book an appointment for this one. 

Small Knotless Braids

Source: @curly.strands

Have you ever wanted your knotless braids to look more natural and lay down close to the roots while still adding a lot of lengths? Natasha Robinson shows her followers the trick to achieving that look at home and saving a few hundred dollars. 

Braided Ponytail Piece

Source: @pearlthestylist

Did you know you can buy braided bundles now? Try a 22-inch straight braided pony or a 30-inch curly braided pony from @naturalhairrocks for those quick on-the-go moments. The install takes less than 30 seconds and they come with convenient combs to keep everything in place all day. 

Waves on Straight Braids

Source: @freshlengths

Got a fresh install of straight braids but are suddenly feeling more of a wavy look? Heat up some water and braid the braids into chunky sections. Dip the ends in the piping hot water, and voilà. Insta-waves.

Elevated Omarion Braids

13 Vacation Braid Styles for Your Next Trip
Source: @tatayshasha

Does anyone in the older Gen Z or Millennial crowd remember Omarion’s braids from his B2K days? The cornrowed front with individual braids in the back was a look that identified the singer in the early 2000s, and today we’re still rocking similar styles with a modern take. Having individual braids in the back also allows for styles like buns and ponytails, rather than committing to a pattern with cornrows.

Comment below which of these you’re most likely to wear on your next vacation.

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