18 Braiding Classes for Beginners to Enroll in ASAP
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Braiding is more than just a hairstyle; it is a craft deeply rooted in history and culture, celebrated for its beauty, functionality, and significance across various societies. The rise of braid education reflects a broader cultural appreciation and desire to uphold these traditional hairstyling methods while infusing them with modern creativity. This renaissance has brought braiding to the forefront of hair fashion and opened opportunities for individuals to embrace and innovate within this artistic domain. 

18 Braiding Classes for Beginners to Enroll in ASAP
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The expansion of braid education, primarily through accessible online platforms and specialized workshops, has democratized the ability to learn and master braiding, ensuring that this valuable skill is preserved and passed down through generations. By enrolling in braiding classes, beginners are not just learning to style hair; they are keeping alive a rich heritage and participating in a vibrant, ongoing cultural dialogue. 

Below, we explore 18 diverse braiding courses offered by stylists, salons, and braiding specialists. We have chosen each course to highlight essential techniques, course details, and their ideal suitability for those beginning their braiding journey.

1. Braids by Kayba – Atlanta, GA

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Kayba offers a variety of braiding courses tailored for different audiences and skill levels. Each course provides essential techniques, tools, and supportive learning environments, making them ideal for beginners. Here’s a concise overview:

Braid Camp Adult:

Cost and Length: $425 for a two-day, five-hour workshop.

Highlights: Geared towards teens, this workshop covers a variety of styles, including knotless, feed-in, and stitch braids, along with essential business skills. It comes with a braider’s kit, mannequin head, work binder, and more, providing a comprehensive package for those looking to dive deep into braiding.

18 Braiding Classes for Beginners to Enroll in ASAP
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Adult Group Classes:

Cost and Length: $175 for a 2-hour session.

Highlights: These classes focus on basic braids, plaits, and cornrows and are perfect for adults beginning their braiding journey. Participants receive a braider’s kKit and mannequin head in a group setting, fostering a friendly learning atmosphere.

1:1 Class:

Cost and Length: $275 for a personalized two-hour session.

Highlights: This one-on-one class offers tailored instruction in braids, plaits, cornrows, and a comprehensive braider’s kit with a mannequin head. It’s ideal for those who wish to practice specific techniques or just style hair.

Virtual Class:

Cost and Length: $325 for a 2-hour session accessible anywhere.

Highlights: Offering foundational braiding techniques, this class includes a braider’s kit shipped to participants. It’s an excellent option for beginners who prefer the flexibility of learning from home with the benefit of hands-on experience.

2. The Braid Bar – Los Angeles, CA

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The Braid Bar in Los Angeles, CA, is a place for everyone interested in braiding. They offer a variety of classes for beginners and advanced students, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Led by Twy, these courses provide a practical, hands-on learning environment equipped with all the necessary tools.

Braid Academy Orientation:

Cost and Length: $285 for a 2-hour one-on-one session, $195 for a group session, or $150 for a Zoom session.

Highlights: Ideal for beginners, this session introduces the basics of braiding, including hair preparation techniques like pre-stretching and sectioning. It also covers fundamental braiding skills such as parting and sectioning hair. Participants receive a braider’s kit with a mannequin head (for class use), a digital handbook, and other essential tools. This course provides a strong foundation in braiding, blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

3. Braid Fanatic Salon – Lake Worth Beach, FL

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Braid Fanatic Salon in Lakeworth, FL, presents a masterclass designed for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced braiders or those simply looking to enhance their understanding of hair care for themselves or their children.

Masterclass (In-Person):

Cost and Length: $499 for 1 hour.

Highlights: This intensive session covers the art of knotless braiding, selecting quality products, perfecting parting techniques, and adding hair for left-handed individuals. It’s an excellent choice for quick, comprehensive learning tailored to new and experienced braiders.

18 Braiding Classes for Beginners to Enroll in ASAP
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Virtual Braiding Course:

Cost and Duration: $399; duration varies.

Highlights: This flexible online course is perfect for learning essential braiding techniques and hair care tips at your own pace from home.

Both courses at Braid Fanatic Salon provide foundational to advanced braiding insights, making them ideal for anyone looking to quickly grasp or refine their braiding skills through practical, hands-on instruction.

4. Mercedes / Aurora, Illinois

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Mercedes, a master braider based in Aurora, IL, brings over 20 years of industry experience to her craft. She continuously educates herself and keeps up with the latest trends. In 2021, Mercedes further solidified her credentials by becoming a certified and licensed hair braider.

Group Class (In-Person):

Cost and Length: $350 for a 60-minute session.

Highlights: This group class is an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to learn from a seasoned professional who teaches fundamental and advanced braiding techniques and incorporates the latest styles and trends into her instruction. Ideal for those looking to enhance their skills in a dynamic group setting, the session is designed to provide valuable insights and hands-on experience from a renowned braider. 

5. The Braid Fairy – Charleston, SC

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Nakita Manigault-Jones has transitioned from teaching to pursuing her passion for helping individuals grow and maintain healthy hair. Her unique approach focuses on personalized development and care techniques.

One-on-One Braiding Class:

Cost and Length: $275 for a session scheduled upon booking.

Highlights: This personalized one-on-one class is ideal for aspiring braiders, professionals looking to refine their skills, or parents aiming to effectively manage their children’s hair. The class is tailored to each student’s needs and skill improvement areas, ensuring focused and practical learning. The class includes a kit featuring Nakita’s preferred braiding tools for beginners, providing a solid foundation for anyone starting their braiding journey.

6. Yadi Black Creations– Philadelphia, PA

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Yadi, a licensed cosmetologist with over 20 years of braiding experience, offers specialized training in knotless braiding through her “Knotless 1 on 1 with YadiBlack” course.

Knotless 1 on 1 with YadiBlack:

Cost and Length: $250 for a 3-hour session.

Highlights: This one-on-one training session is perfect for anyone looking to master the technique of knotless braiding, making it ideal for new and experienced braiders who want to refine their skills in this popular braiding style.

7. Houston Braids – Houston, TX

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Donae Madison, a licensed professional braider and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner with over 17 years of experience, owns two hair braiding salons in Houston, TX—Braids by Nae and Queendom Hair Studio. Recently, she launched the Houston Braids Training Center, a new venture aimed at revolutionizing braiding education. This center combines a deep respect for the cultural significance of braiding with innovative teaching methods, offering a comprehensive learning experience for enthusiasts at all levels.

18 Braiding Classes for Beginners to Enroll in ASAP

Braid Boss Houston:

Cost and Length: $325 for a one-day intensive course.

Highlights: This course is designed for a dynamic learning experience where beginners to braiding can quickly become proficient. Techniques covered include cornrows, knotless braids, feed-in/stitch, and box braids. Note that the class is fast-paced, but small class sizes ensure personalized attention, making it possible for most beginners to master each technique within the day. Prior knowledge of under-hand plaiting is beneficial but optional. For those seeking more extensive training, a week-long course is also available. This setting is perfect for anyone eager to dive deep into braiding and emerge as a skilled ‘Braid Boss.’

8. Braids by Unique – Garland, Texas

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Braids by Unique provides a range of classes designed to cater to various braiding needs and skill levels, from beginners to those looking to refine specific techniques. Each class offers a focused, hands-on approach to learning.

1-on-1 Cornrow Braiding Class:

Cost and Length: $150 for 2 hours.

Highlights: Ideal for those new to braiding. This class offers a perfect starting point for mastering the basics of cornrow braiding.

18 Braiding Classes for Beginners to Enroll in ASAP

One-on-One Braiding Class:

Cost and Length: $350 for 3 hours.

Highlights: This personalized session allows for an in-depth focus on stitch braiding, beginner cornrows, plaits, or knotless braids. 

$99 Braid Class:

Cost and Length: $99 for 2 hours.

Highlights: Open to everyone aged 7 and older, this class chooses between learning cornrows, stitch braids, and knotless braids. This class is conducted via Zoom or FaceTime and is excellent for those seeking an accessible introductory braiding experience.

9. Art Moon Studio – San Diego, CA

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Art Moon Studio offers a virtual braiding course designed for learners who prefer to study at their own pace. This course is focused on mastering various braiding styles through comprehensive online instruction.

18 Braiding Classes for Beginners to Enroll in ASAP
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Virtual Braiding Course:

Cost and Length: $429, including nine in-depth videos.

Highlights: This course is ideal for anyone looking to master braiding with detailed, self-guided video tutorials. Covering multiple types of braids, the course provides learners with step-by-step instructions to perfect their braiding skills. The virtual format allows for flexible learning, enabling students to revisit lessons as needed and progress according to their own schedules. This setup is perfect for beginners and experienced braiders looking to enhance their technique from the comfort of their homes.

10. She Braids It All – St. Paul, MN

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She Braids It All offers an extensive one-week braiding class for learners of all ages and skill levels, from complete beginners to experienced braiders seeking to broaden their repertoire. The class is taught by a professional braider with seven years of experience in the industry.

One-Week Braiding Class:

Cost and Length: $1400 for 2 hours daily over one week.

Highlights: This comprehensive course is structured to cover a wide range of braiding styles and techniques. Starting with the basics, the class gradually moves into more advanced styles, including knotless braids, box braids, and cornrows. Each day is dedicated to a different technique, ensuring thorough understanding and skill development. 

11. The Bossie Experience – Seattle, WA

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Harmony Justice, owner of The Bossi Experience, offers specialized braiding courses for kids and adults at her studio. These hands-on courses are tailored to the specific needs of each age group.

Bossi Kidz Braiding Course:

Cost and Length: $400 for 4 hours.

Highlights: This one-on-one braiding course is designed for children and teens eager to learn braiding. It’s a fantastic opportunity for young learners to gain confidence in their braiding skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

Bossi’s Beginner Course for Adults:

Cost and Length: $450 for 4 hours.

Highlights: Aimed at adults, this course covers essential braiding techniques, including basic scalp, knotless, and box braids. Participants will also learn clean parting and techniques tailored to their individual style. This course is perfect for beginners looking to develop a solid foundation in braiding and customize their skills to suit personal or professional needs.

12. Ms. GG Stylez– Broward, FL

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Ms. GG Stylez, a licensed hairstylist in Broward, FL, offers a comprehensive braiding class for beginners. This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of braiding to those with little to no experience or those aspiring to become professional braiders.

Braiding Classes for Beginners:

Cost and Length: $600. The duration is not specified but detailed, as it is hands-on and thorough.

Highlights: This class is perfect for beginners and covers various techniques and skills. Participants will learn how to do box braids and cornrows, with and without weave, and how to execute feed-in braids. Ms. GG Stylez will also teach her specific techniques for extending braids to desired lengths, creating precision parts, and selecting the right products. Additional lessons include the tucking method, proper hair preparation, determining the correct amount of hair to use, and important practices in sanitation and sterilizing. 

13. Keyana Roberts – Chandler, AZ

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Keyana Glass offers comprehensive braiding classes for beginners, both in-person and virtually, catering to those looking to master basic braiding techniques.

1-1 Beginners Braiding Class (In-Person):

Cost and Length: $175 for 2 hours.

Highlights: This class is ideal for beginners and covers essential braiding skills, including braids/plaits and cornrows. Designed for individuals wanting to style their hair or quickly style their children’s hair, the class includes a braider’s kit with a mannequin head for practice. It’s a perfect introduction for those new to braiding, offering hands-on learning.

18 Braiding Classes for Beginners to Enroll in ASAP
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Virtual 1-1 Beginners Braiding Class:

Cost and Length: $225 for 2 hours.

Highlights: Like the in-person class, this virtual option teaches braiding basics, including braids/plaits and cornrows. The class, tailored for convenience, includes a braider’s kit shipped to participants and is conducted over Google Meet. This format is suited for those who prefer to learn from home while still receiving personalized instruction and hands-on practice with provided materials.

14. Prestige Styles – Worcester, MA

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Prestige Styles offers a focused one-on-one braiding class designed to teach the foundational skills necessary for braiding. The class specifically targets those who are new to the craft or looking to improve their basic techniques.

One-on-One Braiding Class for Braids:

Cost and Length: $250 for 3 hours.

Highlights: This class introduces various braiding styles, including box braids and knotless braids, emphasizing learning how to properly part hair and add extensions (note: adding extensions is only covered if the participant already knows the basic braiding techniques). Participants will receive a braids starter kit and a comprehensive product list to assist them in their learning process. The course is intended to lay down the fundamental aspects of braiding. While it aims to equip students with essential skills, it also sets realistic expectations that mastering braiding may require further education beyond this initial class.

This class is perfect for anyone looking to start their journey in braiding with a thorough understanding of the basics, provided in a personalized and supportive learning environment.

15. Naturally TB – Lake Charles, LA

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Aironna, a licensed stylist, braider, and salon owner in Lake Charles, LA, has been active in the industry since 2013. She offers a comprehensive 2-Day Beginner Course on stitch braiding, perfect for newcomers or those seeking to refine their skills under expert guidance.

1 Stitch Braid Tour: 2-Day Beginner Course (In-Person):

Cost and Length: $500 for 4 hours across two days.

Highlights: Participants will learn the fundamental aspects of braiding, including hand placement, parting and molding hair, three different stitch braiding techniques, how to incorporate feed-in hair, and how to apply finishing touches to their styles. The class is designed to provide a solid foundation in stitch braiding, with hands-on training from a licensed professional in a supportive and educational setting. This beginner course is an excellent investment for those looking to start or advance their braiding skills, providing thorough training in specific techniques essential for creating polished and professional-looking braids.

16. Braided by Christy – Hattiesburg, MS

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Braided by Christy offers a comprehensive array of braiding classes, both in-person and virtual, designed to cater to different braiding techniques and styles. These classes are structured as one-on-one sessions to ensure personalized instruction.

All in One Class:

Cost and Length: $850 for 6 hours.

Highlights: This extensive in-person class covers knotless, box, and stitch braids. Participants learn about product and tool usage, how to add in hair, proper techniques for cutting and dipping, and more. Ideal for those looking to master multiple braiding styles in a single session.

Knotless & Box Braid Class:

Cost and Length: $550 for 3 hours.

Highlights: Focused on two popular styles, this in-person class teaches the essentials of knotless and box braids, providing hands-on experience in these specific techniques.

Feed In/Stitch Class:

Cost and Length: $550 for 3 hours.

Highlights: This in-person session dives into feed-in and stitch braids, emphasizing detailed braiding techniques for those styles.

18 Braiding Classes for Beginners to Enroll in ASAP
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Soft Locs Class:

Cost and Length: $600 for 3 hours.

Highlights: Dedicated to the technique of soft locs, this class provides in-depth instruction on creating this increasingly popular style.

Virtual Stitch Braid Class:

Cost and Length: $250 for 3 hours.

Highlights: This virtual class focuses on completing a head of 5-6 stitch braids, covering everything from product choice to hand placement and final touches.

Virtual Knotless Class:

Cost and Length: $300 for 4 hours.

Highlights: Conducted online, this session covers the essentials of creating knotless braids, providing a detailed virtual learning experience.

Virtual Soft Loc Class:

Cost and Length: $300 for 3 hours.

Highlights: Also offered virtually, this class teaches the specifics of making soft locs, which is ideal for learners who prefer remote instruction.

17. Sweeting’s Cosmetology & Braiding Institute – Nashville, TN

18 Braiding Classes for Beginners to Enroll in ASAP
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Sweeting’s Cosmetology Braiding Institute in Nashville, Tennessee, offers comprehensive training tailored to excel in the natural hair salon industry. With an emphasis on hands-on experience, the institute provides two distinct courses to enhance skills and certify new professionals.

Natural Hair Styling Course:

Cost: $3,000

Highlights: This extensive course is for those aiming to master natural hair styling comprehensively. It culminates in a Braider Certification, priced at an additional $300. Upon completing the course, students have the unique opportunity to work at the on-site Sweeting’s Natural Hair Salon in Nashville, Tennessee, which allows them to apply their newly acquired skills in a professional setting immediately.

Braiding Bootcamp:

Cost: $1,000

Highlights: Ideal for those seeking a quick and focused learning path, the Braiding Bootcamp covers essential braiding styles such as feed-in braids, butterfly/faux locs, box braids, and knotless braids. This course is perfect for students aiming to earn a certificate and quickly learn multiple popular braiding techniques.

Both programs at Sweeting’s Cosmetology Braiding Institute are structured to provide top-tier education and practical skills in the natural hair styling industry, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to excel in professional environments.

18. The Braiding Lab – Birmingham, AL

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The Braiding Lab, located in Birmingham, AL, and operated by Auset Williams and NayNay Boyd, presents an in-depth Starter Loc Masterclass specifically designed for those interested in learning the foundational skills necessary to start locs professionally.

Starter Loc Masterclass:

Cost and Length: $480 for 4 hours.

Highlights: This masterclass focuses on the essential techniques of starting locs, guided by the expertise of NayNay Boyd. Participants will gain hands-on experience in initiating locs properly, ensuring they are set up for success in this specialized hair styling area.

This class is ideal for individuals who specialize in loc services. It gives them a solid foundation and expert guidance to master the craft.

Conclusion: Celebrating the Craft and Culture of Braiding

In conclusion, braiding embodies a rich tapestry of styles, each carrying significant cultural and historical value. The courses highlighted here showcase various braiding techniques, from the meticulous art of locs to the precision of stitch braids and the versatility of feed-in and knotless braids.

These educational opportunities allow beginners and seasoned stylists to enhance their skills and push the boundaries of hair artistry. Enrolling in these courses actively engages individuals with the broader cultural narratives embedded in each braiding style. This vibrant legacy of braiding continues to thrive, fueled by a community dedicated to preserving and innovating this unique form of craftsmanship.

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