When it comes to your curls, special care is required. You may have heard it said the your hair is like a fine garment. Well, would you invest in a silk blouse to just throw it in the washer with some jeans on the heavy wash setting? It doesn’t make sense to rip through fragile curly strands with just any brush or to rub your hair with a regular abrasive towel either. Here are some basic tips on how to handle your curls with care.

  1. Detangle with the right tools. Use a wide tooth comb, detangling brush or your fingers and be patient and gentle with your curls.
  2. Don’t scrub and rub too much when washing your hair. Concentrate on massaging away dirt at the scalp and then smooth your cleanser down the length of your hair. There is no need to rub the shampoo into your hair and disrupt your curl pattern.
  3. Don’t use a regular towel to dry your hair. Regular terri cloth towels are harsh on hair. Use a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt to dry your curls instead.
  4. Go easy on the heat. You would never throw that silk blouse in the dryer on high heat, so don’t treat your curls like that either.
  5. Don’t twirl your curls or play with them too much. Even regular activity is enough to cause your hair to tangle!

Watch to find out how Tara takes special care of her curls.

Handle your curls with care

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