Video blogger Sarah, also known as Waterlily716, shares her routine for big, voluminous curls.

Waterlily716, otherwise known as Sara, shows us her never fail routine on how to get big curls.

You will need:

1. Styling products (lots!”>

2. Curl activator (preferably with magnesium sulfate”>

3. Blowdryer with diffuser

4. Cotton t-shirts (2″>

Let’s Begin…

1. Start with soaking wet hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner and styler. She used Kinky Curly Knot Today and Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper.

2. Apply a curl activator…TIP: Use DIY sea salt spray

3. Smooth on gel…make sure it’s a lightweight gel so it doesn’t hold down your big curls.

4. Use a microfiber towel (she uses microfiber gloves!”> or t-shirt to scrunch out extra moisture.

5. TIP: Scrunch and style upside down for extra volume.

6. Plop your hair…here is an article on how to plop. This creates an accordion feel to your curls

7. Diffuse your hair on low heat… TIP: Turn on diffuser after you’ve gathered it in the diffuser bowl

8. Diffuse till your hair is about 75% dry. Let the rest air dry. You’re done!

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