It seems as if every day there is a new blog that pops ups and grabs our attention. Health and beauty blogs especially are just about everywhere because there is vast amount of content to share. Personal blogs more specifically are extremely engaging because readers visit the site and are ultimately drawn to the person who is doing the storytelling. Starting a blog is one of the most rewarding things I have done. Not only do I have the chance to connect with so many people but I also have the chance to help and educate women about natural hair care more than I could have ever done before by myself. While the task of starting a blog might seem daunting, it is really not as hard as you think. The process can be extremely fun but it is also a ton of work. To help you take your first steps, here are five tips to start a hair care blog. 

Know your purpose. Know your audience.

The first question you should ask yourself is why. Blogging sounds super cool, but you must know your purpose for starting a hair care blog. Do you want to educate? Do you want to become the next big influencer and strictly work with brands? Are you looking to monetize and become a full-time blogger? The answers to these questions are needed in order to create a streamlined content plan.

Understanding the purpose of your blog will also lead you into narrowing your ideal reader profile also known as your audience. Each blog post published should speak directly to their needs and provide value in order to retain visitors as readers and long time followers of your work. With creating a hair care blog especially, think about how you can format your platform differently than the 100 or so other hair care blogs on the internet.

Secure your blog name/brand across social media

This tip is especially important if you plan to become a full-time blogger. Consistency across all social media platforms makes it easy for readers to follow and find you everywhere. In addition, name consistency is great for SEO purposes and will help your blog name/brand rank with Google. Once you’ve decided on a name, search to make sure it is available via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If you are really serious about becoming a full-time blogger and turning it into a profitable business, look into trademarking your blog name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Build an email list

Relying on social media to promote your blog is not enough. Seeing that every social media platforms decides to change algorithms what seem like every other month, you can not be naive to think people will see our blog simply because you share it to Facebook and Twitter once. Start building your email list from day one by having readers subscribe to your blog and offer them something in return. The sweetest thing about having an email list is that it serves as a direct connection to your readers. This is the prime opportunity to direct them to your blog and remind them to read. Trust me, people will not magically scroll on over to your blog just because you have a domain address. Not even your family or your best friends. Do not take this personal but realize they probably are not your ideal readers or target audience. If Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all crashed today and there was no way to let your readers know you are still alive and blogging, at least you will have an email list.

Understand how to research

Credibility in creating a hair care blog is a crucial part of your content. Be careful not to reiterate things you have heard other people say without taking the time to properly conduct research. Using outside sources like medical journals and referencing studies conducted at different universities will position your blog as a credible platform and build trust with your readers. In addition, develop a relationship with a professional stylist you trust to bounce ideas and fact check topics you are uncertain about writing. Within your blog posts, also state that you referenced a stylist as a way to show readers you sought professional insight to help bring the best information to your hair care platform

Engage on social media, focus less on numbers

Like, comment, subscribe! Once you start your hair care blog make an effort to engage with other bloggers in your community. Comment on pictures on Instagram. Read other blogs you love and leave meaningful comments at the end of the post, then reshare to your social media outlets. If brands are not sending free product for you to promote, purchase the products yourself. Next, post your experience with the product on social media and be sure to tag the brand. Hair care brands look to social media for feedback and real opinions of people who use their products. This is a way for you to be seen as a blogger by hair care companies and other bloggers in the hair and beauty community. Engagement on social media is far more important than number of followers, likes, and subscribers. If you can show that people are visiting your blog, actually reading content and leaving a comment, that engagement is far more rewarding than a ton of followers who may never stop to read a word you have written. Once you engage with people on social, you will slowly start to see that engagement reciprocated to you as well.

The last piece of advice I would give is just start. Realize things do not have to be perfect and you will continue to grow and make your platform better each day. What other things would you like to know about starting a hair care blog? Leave your comment below!

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