Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks has announced she will ditch her weave to start the fifth season of her talk show, on Sept. 8. We've put together 10 great tips that will help her (or anyone) rocking natural hair. We hope Tyra will take these suggestions as encouragement to stay weaveless for good!

Be a product junkie: There are a lot of products out there, and you won’t know what is good for your hair until you try it. CurlTalker 1Joy suggests, “Have fun testing products until you find the one(s) you love.”

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Don’t be afraid to experiment: Even with all the products available, sometimes your hair needs something that can’t be found. Listen to your hair and bundle products and ingredients that you know and like.

Co-wash or use low-sulfate shampoo: Dryness is the enemy of beautiful curls; traditional shampoos contain sulfates that dry out your hair. Substitute sulfate-free shampoos or daily conditioners and wash your hair with these to keep your curls full of moisture.

Condition. Condition. Condition:Daily, Deep and Leave-in conditioners provide the moisture that your hair craves.

Treat your hair right when you detangle: Detangling is an essential part of any curly’s regimen. We recommend using a conditioner at the spot of tangles, and rinsing them out in the shower.

Don’t let itchy scalp deter you: “Tea Tree Oil. 8 Drops per ounce of conditioner (or shampoo if you use it instead of co-washing). It works a wonder on getting rid of my itchy, flaky eczema scalp,” suggests CurlTalker SunshineGrrl. Massaging oils into the scalp rather than the hair will give you the best results.

Keep your hair in a bun for exercising to maintain curls: Sweat is a major contributor to frizzy hair. Wrap your hair into a bun to keep it off your neck; this will reduce frizz, and when you are through working out, your curls will still look great. “I use a "rough bun" (curl ponytailed ends under and clip so it looks like a bun) my hair before my workout and when I take out the clip after I'm done, my curls look great,” says CurlTalker BattleWitch.

Use a silk scarf to preserve styles at night: Fighting frizz is a 24-hour-a-day job, conditioning is important for maintaining daytime curls. Don’t let the nighttime undo all the work you put in earlier in the day. Wrapping your hair in a silk scarf will reduce friction from your pillow as you sleep.

Don’t get discouraged: CurlTalker Suburbanbushbabe reminds us, “Don't make pronouncements too fast, because you will find your attitude about your hair changing over time.” Remember, this is a process and you are going to have to work for your results. With an open mind and a positive attitude — and a little support when needed — you can.

Go online for great support: With 11 years of experience helping curlies new and old, NaturallyCurly.com’s articles and community are a fantastic source for anyone newly natural.