I really like these hair and style influencers because of the way they express themselves to others. Not everyone possesses the ability to communicate their personality and thoughts through their hair and style. But these ladies possess that talent so well.

Lupita Nyong’o


It was not until I watched her incredible speech at the Oscars that I really started liking her. I recognized many friends of mine in her story and thought it brave that she shared it with the world.  The years after this speech she started developing herself into a style icon. Her gorgeous smile goes hand in hand with her colourful outfits that truly describe her vibrant personality and happiness. Around that time I dared to be part of the colour-blocking trend and until today I embrace it more than ever.

I actually felt encouraged to wear bright lipsticks, because of her. In the past this would be something I would not do, because I often was bullied owing to my plump lips.

Solange Knowles

Beyoncé said it in her 'Flawless' lyrics: “My sister told me I should speak my mind." I believe Solange is underrated by the general public. However, I feel that she has also inspired many to accept their natural hair texture. She is incredibly creative with styling her natural hair and her outfits are always on point. When I started transitioning back in 2011, I often looked at her pictures, telling myself that someday I would rock my fro the same way she does. In 2014, when I was reaching the end of my transitioning process, I was astonished by her amazing wedding looks. The dress, the fro, her make-up--everything was perfect!

Alek Wek

photo courtesy of Please Magazine

This supermodel has made a big statement on the catwalk; she took off a blond wig in order to communicate to others that they do not have to go with the crowd. When I first saw the video online, I started researching her and really loved her appearance. I belief that she is the living proof that bald is beautiful. Also, she is often pictured rocking colourful headwraps!

Sylvana Simons

photo courtesy of Denhaagfm.nl

Sylvana Simons is a Dutch TV personality who was born in Suriname. She is known for having many talents--being a great dancer, writer, and designer. Throughout the years, Simons had a wide variety of hairstyles, from relaxed hair to rocking bald and beautiful. For a couple of months now, she has been seen rocking a blonde fro. Simons inspired me because she is one of the few black celebrities in the Netherlands, yet she sticks to maintaining her true identity.

Tracee Ellis Ross

What I like about Tracee is that she is unique in every single way. She is outspoken, she is an amazing vlogger,  and she has gorgeous hair. She is seen with different types of natural hairstyles including cornrows, straightened hair, and her beautiful curly fro. She had shared her natural hair routine on CurlyNikki . During her teenage years, Tracee used a texturizer and roller sets to make her hair straight. However, at some point she embraced her beautiful hair and is rocking it until today. Most of us have gone through the same situation and this is why I can relate to her.

Who's your hair & fashion icon?