If you’ve devoured every second of a Seat At the Table and feel like it’s still not enough Solange for you, here’s some relief. We’ll be playing this medley from Solange’s Jimmy Fallon performance last night right into the weekend.

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1. The dresses

Mama Tina designed the striking red jumpsuits for Solange and her singers. If they look familiar that’s because they’re reminiscent of the dresses in Cranes in the Sky, which Solange told Vogue were inspired by a 90’s runway show by Issey Miyake. The jumpsuits are connected by draping fabric to symbolize the solidarity between women. Squad goals embodied.

2. The choreography

You may be struck with the urge to put on all of your red clothes and dance this choreo in front of your mirror this weekend. I know I will. Even her guitarist is in on it!

3. The shoes

I know the point of the holiday season is to shower our loved ones with gifts, but all of this shopping has thrown my personal wishlist into overdrive. These understated mules are going to the top of my list. Now I just have to decide – closed toed or open toed? Decisions, decisions.

4. The Grammy nomination

Earlier this month Solange became a Grammy nominee for Best R&B Performance for Cranes in the Sky. Is anyone really surprised? She released A Seat at the Table on the last day for Grammy eligibility, and it has been critically acclaimed and playing on repeat ever since. She joins her sister, who has nine nominations for Lemonade. I’ll be crossing all of my fingers and my toes for these ladies.

5. The living art

I could attempt to bring this living art to life for you through my words, but it’s probably best if you just hit play up above and experience it for yourself already.

By the way, if you’re still looking for a last-minute Christmas gift, A Seat at the Table is available on vinyl. And yes, that’s on my wishlist too.

What was your favorite part of the Solange “Rise-Weary” medley?

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