According to AZ Central, Anne Hathaway has pushed back her wedding date a full year to give her hair time to grow back out. The actress recently big chopped, for lack of a better term, for her upcoming role in “Les Miserables” as the dying prostitute Fantine.

Hathaway’s hair has long been a source of controversy at NaturallyCurly where community members are quick to point out that Anne continuously seems to pick up roles in which her textured tresses are straightened in order to represent a more refined look and a big, usually positive, character change.

From “The Princess Diaries” to “The Devil Wears Prada,” Hathaway’s natural texture often plays a character of its own. However, off the big screen, Anne is rarely known for sporting her curls.

NaturallyCurly’s earlier report this year about Hathaway’s BC suggested hope that the actress would begin to embrace her natural texture as it grows out, as many in the community do. Viola David did it with her TWA and now it would be nice to see a type 3 do the same!

Big chop or not, Hathaway also plans to take the additional engagement time to gain back some of the weight she is losing for the “Les Miserables” role. Overall, here at NaturallyCurly, we think Hathaway’s free-flowing curls in “Love and Other Drugs” would be the perfect wedding length and ‘do.

Would you postpone your wedding because of a big chop?

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