Is it just me or does it seem like every American Idol season sees more and more wavy, curly and kinky contestants ­– often at the finales too? Maybe textured hair is more accepted in the music industry (think rock-n-roll, hair flipping, so on and so forth), but no matter what the reasoning is behind the natural hair explosion across the board in the industry, this curly girl loves it!

Now, I don't have cable, so I have to resort to Google News for my curly hair gossip and endeavors, at least as far as pop culture goes. That being said, excuse me if you have already been drooling over these curly Idols for weeks now, or at least cheering them on. I applaud you for your enthusiasm, and next time, send a girl an email!

Shannon Magrane

Believe it or not, it is often a rare site to see a type 2 embracing her waves over straightening them, at least over straightening them often. Sure, every girl likes to try on different looks now and then, but wavies have a tendency to stick with the flat iron more often than not. I mean, given that it is pretty easy for a wavy to straighten her hair, and with all of the heat protectant products out there, we can’t really get mad at them. Do you, right?

Anyway, Magrane is only 16, a member of #teamnatural and a reason that this curly might put down her books (yes, I’m a nerd), head over to a friend’s house and brag about how easily I can get her hairstyle too!

Jermaine Jones

Oh, Jermaine, how you have captured my heart. Seriously, re-watching his “Dance With My Father” performance as I write this, chill bumps sneaking down my arms. I hardly even notice that he 's rocking locs!

Here is what's catching my attention now that I’ve put the pause on hearing the judges’ comments: in his original contestant picture, he has a buzz cut. If this is, in fact, the amount of growth that he has gained since that picture on this show, then we should all be rocking the protective style. I also need to reach out to him about his routine and share all the juicy hair growth secrets that he obviously keeps hidden under his deep voice with all of you!

DeAndre Brackensick

That’s it. He is my soul mate. A curly crush just won’t do. I need to be up close and personal with his head of hair, immediately. And given that I have tons of curly hair advice (not that he looks like he needs it), we will have TONS to talk about.

Side note here, and it's completely possible this is just me, but did his last performance kind of not go well? I know the judges loved him and I also know that I am no music critic ­– tone deaf, actually – but I would change the station if I heard that voice without seeing the hair. #justsayin

What do you think of the textured finalists?