Last month I was in Paris performing a show with my team and I noticed that there were a lot of reds and blondes – as well as combinations of the two. All the designers were trying to come up with new styles for haircuts and colors. But many times, what is considered trendy doesn’t necessarily look good on everyone. So please make your choices and decisions carefully to prevent becoming a fashion victim. Take time to research how you can adapt the latest trends to your hair. Take pictures to your stylist and have a consultation before your actual hair appointment. Your cut or style will be a success, you will feel good about it when you walk out of the salon, and you will have a fashionable style that compliments your hair’s texture and your face structure.

Q: I have yet to find a hair cut that compliments my hair type. I have slightly wavy hair that is thick, and medium in texture with a great tendency to frizz. I want your opinion on the best length, style of cutting, etc., to minimize frizz. I’m not concerned with emphasizing curl.My goal is reducing volume, defining what waves I have and possibly eliminating frizz. Thanks very much for your help and time.

— Temira

Christo: Every texture is unique and pretty in its own way. You just need to have the right style. The most important step is to care for you hair before you go to your stylist. Start by using a deep conditioner like Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque once every two weeks. That alone will treat the frizziness and dryness. Then visit your stylist to see what the best possible styles are for you — short, medium or long — while considering the texture of the hair and the structure of the face. If you hair is as thick as you described it, definitely texturize the inner layers of the hair to reduce volume. It can be done with scissors, but do not use a razor if your hair is really curly. As far as length goes, your hair can be sexy and fun regardless of how long it is. The longer your hair is, the less the volume your hair will have. The last step after finishing the cut is to ask your stylist how to style hair and what styling tools you’ll need. For example, we use Bio Gel Mousse on wavy hair to style and Unruly Paste for the finishing.

Q: I have just learned to love my curly hair. One of the biggest things I learned is not to brush or use small combs, and to be careful about breaking my hair strands. Unfortunately, I don’t have a hairdresser who really knows about curly hair, and when I went to get my hair colored they combed thru it when it was dry and they really pulled on it. She said that was the only way to get the color thru it. Is that correct? Is there a better way to apply color? (I am coloring over gray”>.Suggestions please!

Christo: You are right not to brush dry curly hair or to use any fine-toothed combs. Yet finger combs have very wide teeth. To get the best possible color, the team at Christo Fifth Avenue uses the following techniques.Wet the hair down, condition it and use Deep Therapy Masque for 10 minutes without heat.Rinse it out, towel it dry and squeeze the water out.Apply color for 20 to 30 minutes, then shampoo out; reapply Botanical Rinse and Deep Therapy Masque for soft, shiny curls. The hair will be as healthy as it was before coloring it.

Q: I have very thick, curly, frizzy and puffy hair. I tried gel and mousse but it doesn’t work and it makes my hair ‘hard’ and even bigger. I am tired of wearing my hair in a pony tail. I just want my hair to be smaller and not so curly. Please tell me what products should Iuse to get rid of the puffiness. I really need your help. Sylvia

Christo: Let’s get you off to a good start. First, ask yourself if you’ve been treating your hair the right way. If not, please follow these instructions:
Deep condition every other week.Shampoo your hair no more than once a week.Condition with a conditioner like Curlisto Botanical Rinse at least every other dayMake sure your cut is right for your curls.Make sure the styling tools you’re using are right for your curls. If so, make sure you’re using them correctly. If your hair is very curly, it may have nothing to do with the way you’re styling it, but you can make your hair smoother by following these steps.

  1. Use a conditioner every day.
  2. Shampoo once a week.
  3. Prepare wet hair with a leave-in conditioner like Curlisto.
  4. Repair Styling Cream.
  5. Mix a quarter-size styling lotion like Structura Lotion with a dime size of a gel like Control II, which has more hold. Apply to your hair section by section, with at least five sections.
  6. Use your fingers to comb it through. When the hair is almost dry, diffuse it and finish with a pomade like Unruly Paste. Apply the paste to your fingertips and run your palm on top of your curls. Spray with a hairspray like Structura Spray to finish it.

Q: I have coarse, thick hair and no matter what I do and where I go, no one seems to be able to help me. I have had more than my share of ‘bad hair’ days. I can’t get my hair to do a thing except frizz, which makes me look like a bad perm. Can you recommend any help to me? — Sheri

Christo: Follow these simple step before you pay a visit to any salon.

  • Use a deep conditioner every other week.
  • Do not shampoo more than once a week.
  • Use a lotion and a gel, applying a mixture of half an half.
  • Apply the mixture to sections, starting at the bottom and going to the top. Diffuse it dry. Do not touch it while it’s drying. Use a dime-size dab of Finishing Pomade and smoth it out by twisting your hair into a ponytail. Your hair will feel soft and sleek.

Q: I am 16 years old, and I have a serious hair dilemma. I have A LOT of hair — possibly too much hair. It seems normal at the roots, but the ends are VERY dry. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly curly, it’s more wavy. I know you specialize on curly hair, but could you please help me learn how to tame my waves? They’re kind of looser at the top, but become S-shaped toward the bottom. I like my wavy hair, and I really don’t want to lose it. I just wish it was easier to handle. It’s driving me insane, so could you please help me? — Natasia

Christo: A mixture of hair types is very common. As a start, deep condition your hair once a week to eliminate the frizziness and dryness. As far as styling goes, use a styling lotion like Structura Lotion for wavier hair and Bio-Gel Mousse on less wavy hair. When you are diffusing your hair, scrunch your hair where the hair is less wavy, or pull on the hair where it’s wavier to match your texture.

Q: Is there a product that will keep moisture away from hair to prevent the frizzies? I start out great in the morning. But I live in an area where it rains a lot and as soon as humidity hits — frizz! I don’t even look like the same person sometimes! I get by sometimes by wearing a hat, but that is bad too because it flattens out the curls. — Linda

Christo: I would recommend one of our high-humidity gels, like Curlisto Control I or Control II, which stop your hair from frizzing. They also will provide you with great hold and strengthen your curls. They include ingredients such as hydrolyzed soy, protein, wheat protein, pathenol and more than 10 different botanical extracts. I also would recommend you use a hairspray like Structura Spray for even better hold and style.

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