Q: My name is Andrea and I'm 13 years old. I enjoy my curls after I wash my hair and let them dry naturally. But the next day, after I wake up, my curls are all stiff and the ends are all straight. I usually put it in a ponytail (which I hate). I would really appreciate some tips.

Barrow: What product do you put into your hair after washing? There is a reason why your hair feels stiff. The ends are all straight due to a lack of moisture. When you wake up, quickly spritz your hair with water and add a slight amount of Cutler Curling Cream, distribute evenly, squeeze the hair and go! You'll look AMAZING!

Q: I'm really having trouble adjusting to summertime. My hair now is either too flat, undefined, wavy and frizzy, or too big, curly and frizzy. At the risk of sounding like Goldilocks, I can't get it to be just right. Both looks are bad. In the winter I really like my hair. At the moment, Now I end up putting it in a bun everyday. Help! Summer has only just begun.

Barrow: A product, product, product! It's the only way to cure your curse. You have been blessed with curly hair: celebrate and enjoy it. Stroke your hair with moisturizers and oils and don't wash it too often. Instead, rinse and let Mother Nature take control. Supplementing is necessary with Redken's line for curly hair. Hair is like skin. Treat it according to the season.

Q: My curls are getting long and droopy. I measured last night and my hair is 30 inches long. Right when I get to this point in length, the curl really starts to fall out. I'm wondering if I just need more layers? A different cut? If I cut off 10 inches, will it give me more bounce?

Barrow: Thirty inches? That's almost 3 feet! Depending upon texture and density I would say that you need a good haircut. I would say you need layers, but "Cutler layers" that don't sacrifice length! For more information, contact Anthony Barrow at Cutler Salon.

Q: I have 3 b/c longish hair and would love some bangs to cover up my large forehead. Do curly bangs ever actually look good?

Barrow: Bangs can always look good as long as they are designed well. Bangs create a facial point, and therefore details are everything.

Q: I have 3a/3b — more 3b medium length, — thin (but lots of it) curls. I love my hair when the curls aren't quite as tight. Any tips to naturally loosen them up?

Barrow: Wash, condition and graze your hair with Cutler Straightening Cream. Apply gently in a downward fashion and let your curls relax! It really works!

Q: My under layer is incredibly frizzy and dry. I've tried deep treatments and regular conditioning, but it's still dry. I'm wondering if this is just something I have to live with or is there any way to smooth out the under layer?

Barrow: Apart from chemically softening, which I would recommend, try layering different products. Think heavier underneath and lighter on top. It usually works. I recommend a combo of Cutler Straightening and Curling creams to even things out!

Anthony Barrow is creative director of Cutler Salon in New York.