Q: I have an inside scoop on a position opening at my city's police department. I was wondering if anybody had a good style just in case I get an interview? I would really appreciate it.

Christo: If you are applying for a position with the police department, then it is important for your hair to be neat. I would suggest that you wear your hair slicked back with a side part, a hairstyle that is timeless, professional and exudes confidence and power. You can effectively achieve this look with both straight and curly hair. For straight hair, use a blow dryer so that it looks neat. Make a side part and slick your hair back with a little bit of Curlisto Control I Gel to keep all the hair in place. For curly hair, start on semi-dry hair and make a side part. Use Curlisto Control II gel to slick the hair back into a classic chignon. Your interviewer will see you are serious and professional.

Q: I'm thinking about getting my hair cut like a little longer than chin length. Will this change the way my hair sits on my head? I have 3b hair. Any suggestions on how to get the right short cut for my face? Do you think it's better to go shorter gradually?

Christo: The most important thing to consider when going from long to short hair is committing to it. You must first ask yourself a very important question: Can my facial features carry this style? If you have a round or square face, the answer is no. If you have an oval or triangle face, the answer is yes. Equally important, is the right hair texture. If you are 3B, then the curls have to texturized right so that the curls don’t puff who understands your texture, and make sure to discuss facial shape and texture. Before getting the haircut, you have to make sure that your hair is in good condition so that there isn’t too much frizz when it is cut short. In order to improve the condition to prepare it for the short cut, use the Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque. Deciding how much to cut is based on how much you want a change. If you are really convinced that you want a visible change, you have to just go for it as long as it fits your face. If you’re not ready and you gradually get shorter, you might get discouraged.

Q: I have 3a thick hair — very soft curly — but the curls seem thin and stringy right now. Is this a product problem or technique problem? I'd really like to try to get them to clump more.

Christo: If you want thicker curls then you will have to use the right product and right technique. First, I would use the Repair Styling Cream, a leave in conditioner that will prepare your hair to group together for a fatter curl after styling. For styling, mix a quarter-size amount of Structura Lotion with a dime-size amount of Control I Gel and apply it to your hair in sections. When applying it to your hair, rake through with 3 fingers instead of 4 for fatter curls. This technique will add definition and make your curls fatter.

Q: So I used to have a mass of gorgeous ringlets — massss of them! Everywhere! I don't know what happened but between March and now of this year, they seem to have completely died. I have a random curl here and there but the rest is brittle waves. I NEVER use a straightener on my hair as it easily blow drys straight. I never blow dried it often but I'm considering that the times I did it myself, I may have burnt it. So I got sick of it and cut it short hoping the new hair would be curly. But it doesn't seem to be the case. Still dead. I've put multiple amounts of treatments in it. I just can't get the curl back. What happened?

Christo: Texture always matters and it is important for your hair to be healthy. I understand that you had gorgeous ringlets in March, but keep in mind that your hair changes every 7 years and this could be the cause of the change in texture. The multiple treatments that you have used might be the cause as well. There are many treatments out there that don’t help maintain the healthiness of your hair. Instead of resorting to treatments that might have harsh chemicals that can damage your hair, you should use products that are made with Keratin and other proteins that improve the health of your hair and reverse the damage of neglect and chemical treatments. I suggest you use the Deep Therapy Masque at least once a week to bring your hair back to a healthy condition. There is no guarantee that your curl will come back to the ringlets that you had before, since your texture might have changed naturally. Burnt hair from blow drying and flat ironing can be fixed with the right hair cut and treatment, but the curl might never come back.

Q: Once I scrunch out the crunch, my ends start to separate and frizz. I have been avoiding hairspray because I hate how drying and fake it looks. But, I'm getting desperate! Any suggestions?

Christo: This is the perfect example of dehydrated hair. When your hair becomes frizzy as you've described, it is time to treat it with special treatments. I suggest Deep Therapy Masque at least once a week to bring back the health and prevent further damage. When styling your hair, you should also use leave-in treatments like the Repair Styling Cream. Then, when you're finished styling, do NOT scrunch the hair with your dry hands because it will cause frizziness. Instead, use a light pomade that will smooth out flyaways and leave your hair soft and shiny. For a great hold without messing up the hair, I suggest you use Structura Spray, an anti-frizz product for high-humidity conditions.

Q: I need help! I am going to spend some time up north over the winter holidays. I have no idea how to take care of curly hair in those temperatures. I'm born and raised in Florida, and it's never cold here, so I'm clueless. I was wondering if you have product and styling suggestions for colder, drier weather?

Christo: When traveling up north, consider it a break from styling your hair as you will need to fight high-humidity weather. Styling your hair will be a lot easier since you can use fewer products. When you are away for the holidays, I recommend that you start by preparing your hair with Protein Boost, a leave-in conditioner and re-structurizing spray. When styling, apply Structura Lotion to your hair in sections and let it air-dry or diffuse. Finish up with some Finishing Pomade. You will probably need half the amount of product that you normally use down in Florida.

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