As rumors spread about Beyoncé being pregnant, does her natural look give the answer away?


Is Beyonce pregnant?

Rumors have been flying about Beyoncé being pregnant. We can find a lot of quotes made by "sources," but no one has officially confirmed this rumor. One way to try and find out for ourselves? Looking at her curly hair!

When she appeared on the "Today" show earlier in the month it appeared as though she hadn't done any chemical processing on her hair recently. When you are trying to get pregnant, or expecting, you are supposed to stay away from certain chemicals. Ammonia and lye are two substances to stay away from and those are found in highlights as well as relaxers.

Since it seems Beyoncé is working with a natural look, is the singer going to a style that is safe for her and the potential baby?

Let us know what you think about these baby rumors!

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the top bit of her hair IS real she dies the top so it blends in with the wieve. her hairs naturallie curlie and beautiful ..

Beyonce = The Queen of Lace Fronts lol. The last time I saw her natural hair, the paparazzi caught her out to dinner with Jay-Z and her hair was shoulder length, very cute, and definitely relaxed. That was maybe pfft 5 years ago though. I wonder if she really is trying to go natural under those wigs. She'd be eeeeeven lovelier with natural hair I imagine. I love textures on her. She may or may not be pregnant but Tia Mowry is!! ^___^

Piggybacking on ibslim247, I don't believe this particular look is a lace front or full blown wig. Beyonce is not bald-headed; she has hair. Now I don't believe all of that is her hair, I'm sure some extension/pieces were added, but probably a good bit of it is. I recall a Honey Magazine article some years back where she stated she was attempting to go natural (and the roots proved it to be)but who knows...Is she pregant?? I'll believe it when I see it..but it looks like her mother confirmed she's not..

While Beyonce is notorious for wearing wigs, take a closer look at this photo. Her "real" hair is showing, and it's not even the same color, texture, and length of the half wig she has on. I won't believe she's pregnant until she makes a public announcement.

I don't think there's a baby in that belly, and that's not her natural hair...

I do not believe that she is pregnant because this rumor been going on for a while now. As for not using chemicals, I agree with Marah because alot of women still use chemicals during pregnancy, I was one of them. When I see a belly, then I will believe whether she is pregnant or not..

Oh her hair has all sorts of chemical dye in it. LOL! Don't let the weave fool you. And plenty of black women relax and color while preggers. So her hair being in a kinky weave style doesn't prove a thing!

cosigning on what everyone has said. Lol I strongly DOUBT it's her hair... Nor do I think it looks any different than how we've seen her hair before I mean she's had a fro in the austin powers movie no one said she was natural lol she's had wavy/curly hair before nothing special basically same color what's the big deal? Beyonce and JayZ having a baby lol eh well ifso I hope it looks like beyonce.

She's the queen of wigs it seems because she hasn't shown her actual hair in I don't know how many years. I actually won't believe the pregnancy rumors until I either see a baby bump, pictures of the baby once it's born or whatever. She wears the curly wigs not as much as she does straight ones but I don't think that's a good indication of pregnancy.

I agree with the above. It's very unlike her. If she did decide to settle down and have a child, I wounlt be surprised, but I dont think that's the reason why her hair is more rigid. And even if it is, her natural hair is not that long.

I agree with sweet_dreams11 that is likely a lace front like her other hair styles. So i think she is just trying to change her style for her new album or whatever.

LOL, that is a weave. Beyonce rarely goes out in public with her natural hair. And I highly doubt the baby rumors, considering she keeps saying she wants to focus on her career.