Beyoncé attends a charity benefit while showing off her curls.


On Thursday Beyoncé attended the Black Ball for Keep a Child Alive (KCA) in New York City. The goal of the Black Ball is to raise funds for children and families with HIV/AIDS in India and Africa. KAC co-founder Alicia Keys has put on, and hosted, 9 events since 2004. People like Beyoncé have contributed over $10 million since the first event in 2004.

Not only do we admire Beyoncé for attending an event that benefits a great cause, but we also admire that she rocked her curls at the Black Ball.

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beyonces got naturallie curlie hair man an she dies it blonde to blend it with the wieve.. so chill

I thought this sight was about embracing "naturally curly hair", not store bought, like Beyonce's or other celebs that are always posted on this site

I remember reading an interview about her in Vibe before she went solo but she had broke away from Destiny's child and in the interview the first thing they noticed was her "unpermed" hair, and that she had natural kinky curly hair. Anything is possible...

Ya... maybe she was natural once before, but she isn't now. That isn't really important, what's annoying is her gettin props for a curly weave when there are real naturals out there that could be featured. I get that beyonce is a superstar, I love me some 'get me bodied' just as much as the next girl, but let's not applaud her unless its for something she is actually doin.

I think she looks good even if it isn't her natural hair and I'm just happy there's a celebrity showing off a curly hairstyle.

Check out these roots!

If I recall correctly, Beyonce does wear her hair natural. That's why the roots never look fully blended and straight with her straight weaves. I could be wrong but I specifically remember reading that or seeing it during an interview. I wish I could find the info about that right now. I'll search for it and post it...if I find it.

I wonder how she can bleach dye and relax her hair for so long and still have hair. I wouldn't.

Cali Chik: hahah I was thinking the same thing. This must be a joke. Oh well....I really do wish she would wear HER hair. I hear she's actually natural. But you never know.

Yall can't be serious with this. If by "Her Curls" you mean hwer curly weave that she often rocks, then I guess you've got somethin. But seriously, Beyonce doesn't rock naturally curly hair, so why yall givin her the thumbs up?