Beyonce sporting sultry curls

Lots of people have been paying attention to Beyonce’s fashion choices and hairstyles for years now, from her days of making up the Destiny’s Child trio to her meteoric rise as a solo star with virtually indisputable diva status.

Over the last few years, her younger sister, Solange, has stepped into her own spotlight and has come a long way from releasing her mostly overlooked debut album and being Bey’s quirky younger sister with crazy, but killer clothes. With her outspoken candor on Twitter, fearless fashion sense and diehard support of her sister, Solange has definitely become a regular topic on various outlets (including the naturally curly world!).

Solange's influence?

As of late, Beyonce has been spotted sporting a super curly new ‘do over on her site It’s true that the new mom and longtime fashionista has always been known for switching up her looks, from her slick topknots and ponytails to her sleek down looks. But as Solange becomes more and more vocal about her natural hair, it begs the question whether or not Beyonce’s little sister might have some influence on her big sister’s choice to go big and curly.

Solange is no stranger to having hair full of body, and she's been increasingly vocal about her natural hair, both in personal life on social media sites, and in her professional life during her short stint as a spokesperson for Carol’s Daughter. Whereas there might not have been too many ways to get to know the young diva before, Beyonce’s tumblr has shed a lot of light on the closeness of their sibling relationship with countless images documenting everything from big trips to special events to everyday interactions. And might even be showing us all that she might get some of her best fashion ideas from her baby sister.

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Do you think Solange’s choice to wear a natural style has any influence on her sister? Why or why not?