Textured hair doesn’t always make a huge presence in Hollywood. Most stars opt for straight, “polished” tresses and leave the curly looks for their stay-at-home days when the paparazzi can’t snap photos. But every once in a while, textured hair makes a massive come back and steals the limelight, even if it is only for a couple cover shots.

Today, curlies, is one of those days!

The New York Times Magazine published an online spread of “celebrity villainy, inspired by nefarious icons and featuring the best performers from the year in film.” And who is the star of the series? Brad Pitt as the madman, textured hair and all!

OK, so textured hair is once again being used to portray a case of the crazies, but on Brad Pitt, we kind of just don’t care!

The series, titled “Touch of Evil,” pays tribute to the best horror cinematographers of our time: Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock, just to name the two that come to mind. Each of the 13 stars is featured in their own one-minute short film, showcasing a traditional “evil” character. Word to the wise: watch these with the lights on!

Of all the stars in the series, only two are featured with texture tresses, Pitt and Glenn Close, who plays a curly female we’re assuming is a crazed widow. All the other actors and actresses sport straight strands, proving that crazy comes in all hair types.

Want Brad’s look for yourself? Curly faux-hawks are definitely in style, and you don’t have to unleash your evil side to get it! Simply pull the sides of your set and dry curls back and pin in place. Then, tease the front section all the way through the back. Have longer hair? Pin long curls up under the teased top portion, or rock the hawk all the way down your back!