Celebrity Curls: Nikki McCauley

2011-04-28 13:39:43

Celebrity Curls: Nikki McCauley

We asked this rising star what it's like to be a celebrity with curly red hair in a straight-haired industry.

Nikki McCauley and Elisha Cuthbert

Nikki McCauley and Elisha Cuthbert in a still from the pilot for ABC's "Happy Endings."

NC: What do you do at night time for your hair?

NM: At night I will apply argon oil to help with the ends, which can be a bit dry and brittle at times, and I'll put it up in a loose bun to avoid breakage throughout the night.

NC: What is the best thing about being curly?

NM: The best thing about having curly hair is that it's unique. I'm "the girl with red curly hair."  It's also so much fun to try different things out with my hair. I have bangs that are long enough where I will at times wear them down a la Flashdance or put the bangs back for a more bohemian clean and fresh kind of look. Sometimes I will put it up in a high bun and make a little pompadour on the top for that rocker style. Or I'll put it up in a bun with curly bangs to get a '50s "I love Lucy" thing happenin'. I can also do a side part finger wave action in the front for a '20s look that can be nice for those "fancy" times. [Smiles.]

NC: What would you tell others to encouraging them to embrace their curls?

NM: For other gals out there with the curly locks... Experiment! Have fun with your hair! You're different and beautiful and you should embrace the uniqueness. Don't always tame the curls—get wild and crazy with them!

NC: Tell us about your current and upcoming projects.

NM: At the moment I'm working on an art/film project called "Make Your Own Happy" that I've created with a friend of mine. We're currently shooting a short film for the project.  It's all about embracing happiness in life by using imagination and creativity. I'm really excited about it! You will be able to see the final product in a few weeks at — and my curls will be in full effect, so check it out! I'm also working on a couple of writing projects: a comedy for television and a one woman show piece for the stage.

NC: As a working actress in mainstream Hollywood, I can only imagine the pressures you must experience to keep your hair long and straight. Tell us a little about that.

NM: I do feel the pressure of taming the curls at times and not making my hair "look so big." But for the most part people have been pretty accepting of my curls. In the past, when I've mentioned getting it permanently straightened to my agents, they've quickly put the kibosh on it. It's sort of my signature. It allows me to stand out from the masses of straight haired actors in Los Angeles. I also look like a totally different person with my hair straight... so much so that when I do wear it straight, people I know don't even recognize me. Which can be fun at times, but only temporarily. [Smiles.]

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Alicia Ward

Alicia Ward

The link to her new project doesn't appear to be working. I'm a working actress, as well, and had questions about how she gets her hair "commericial friendly." Living in a smaller market, CDs are not as comfortable with individuality. I've decided I'm going to have to straighten my hair for those auditions, and I hate that. :(