On the heels of Viola Davis’ TWA exposé on the runway (okay, it was the Red Carpet, but it was runway worthy!”>, Thandie Newton has stepped away from her straightened tresses and is coming out about her natural hair, her daughters’ natural hair and being a role model for them and all other naturals.

According to Daily Mail, Newton told a friend earlier this month, “I didn’t want my daughters to judge their beautiful curls.”

This determination to be a role model for her girls led to her appearance at Sadler Wells Theatre in London donning a beautiful head of curls.

“The stigma with some black women seems to be that ‘nappy hair’ (natural afro hair”> is almost as bad as loo roll trailing from your shoe,” said Newton. “[But] I’ve always let my daughters’ hair be wild and scruffy. When they were papped in the States, I had remarks about how I didn’t take care of their hair. The truth is, I choose to keep it that way.”

Newton herself grew up feeling embarrassed and ashamed of her natural hair when, at a convent school she attended, the nuns refused to let a cornrowed Newton in the school picture.

“I read earlier this year a piece in The Independent about a student who appealed against not being able to wear his hair in (what the school felt was a hoodlum style”> braids, and he won,” said Newton. “It has been 30 years since the nuns dissed me. This sh*t keeps going ’round!”

The “Mission Impossible” star admits that she began to go natural after watching Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair,” which explores the affects of the harsh chemicals that women use to achieve straight hair.

What do you think of Thandie’s new look? Plus how adorable are her daughters?! 



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